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Music R.I.P. Old Dirty Bastard


NoSubstance said:
despite what many might say, was a very creative person.
I agree.
I'm a Wu Tang fanatic. I own every Wu related album, side project, single, 12" etc. ODB, aside from being oulandish, was a very creative person and great artist.


Angel of Death
junglizm said:
Because you're country. I think his music is banned from "farmer land." :)
um I am not country dude. Far cry from it. I seen slipknot before you guys even knew who they were. WHEN THEY GAVE TICKETS AWAY TO THEIR SHOW....

I am into rob zombie, nin, slayer, iced earth, system of a down, Tool, korn, Sevendust, Snake River Conspericy, Poe, Roarshcatest, Manson, disturbed, stained, offspring, GoodSmack, WhiteStripes, Pearl Jam, Nirvaina, Gravity Kills, stone temple piolets...

That kind of stuff.