Rachel: A simple love poem...


Fresh Meat
Rachel, her skin the color of Caramel.
Cheek pressed to cheek, her hair, the sweetest smell.

Eyes so dark so deep, 1000 words of love they speak, but I only need one!

The way she moves when she dances -so full of grace.
Like the flames of a blazing fire, my heart's beat can hardly contain its pace.

And brains, well she has those in spades. That girl can keep me interested and amazed for days and days and days.

But what I really love! Beyond a shadow of a doubt,
is her faith - it's the kind you can't stop talking about.

Rachel's faith is strong and true, the most real truth that cuts right through to you.

When I think of all God has created,
Not a doubt in my mind, not once debated,
That in Rachel alone,
has been given God's beauty through and through, to the very bone!


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Too bad that Rachel was no lady,
Busk and brave and rather shady,
Especially around the time of five,
When her stubbly chin would come alive,
A bushy beard and full moustache,
What this, he asked, she has no gash?
Oh dear, said Alex, I did not know,
I'd have spend double for another hoe!