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Random People


Talk about randomness, had a totally random experience this weekend.

My best friend, his wife, two of our friends and myself went to 6 flags in LA this last Saturday. Took us about 4 hours to drive there from San Diego with the traffic. While we were there, one of our friends won a dog plush toy for his girlfriend. He tucked it under his shirt to keep it clean but it made him look like he had a really full set of breasts.

At random times, he'd turn to one of us and say "look at my titties!" so we'd feel him up and laugh.

Here's where it gets random...

On this last Sunday, back in San Diego, my best friend, the friend with the plush toy and I went disc golfing. At about hole 5 we're sitting on the bench having a smoke when a car full of girls pulls up to the curb. We knew none of them, but one of them sticks her head out the window, looks at our friend, and shouts...

"Look at my titties!"

She didn't show them though, goddamn tease, but it was funny as hell.

Randomness rules!

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