Random videos thread [2020]


The Original Fuck You Bomb
So tell me, What is Dad Strength?
My father actually chased someone down and literally pummeled the shit out of him for stealing gas from a gas station while he was getting gas,
"under the precept that if hes gotta pay for gas, so does everyone else"
we waited till the police arrived and they took him away, my dad got a letter thanking him for his public service...

Ima Dad, and a Husband..
But I am not a nice guy, and if I am nice to you, its because I believe you are honestly worth it...
So whenever I have seen someone do something incredibly stupid or threatening to my family,
I will come out full force to deal pain and despair, I've served jail time for excessive force on someone who waved his hands in front of my wife's face with his I'm taller than you attitude, I've beat down a homeless person for flashing my girls, and I've tried to run over someone who actually grabbed my daughters butt.
I do not have a gun or any type of firearms in my home, but I am a 6'3 215lb man who has access to lots of things that will severley hurt a fucker, and seeing my tall knappy haired ass running for you at full tilt... that usually is the starting point of a good thought to run and exercise.

This is what I call Dad Strength, when you lose all form of sanity to protect and save your family,
Bring On That Fuck The World, Save The Family Attitude.