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Other Randomness [2017-2019]


How am I still alive
I think I had a “exploding head syndrome” event last night! After my usual nightmare (Nico kicking mevout because he wanted to live his life etc.) I knew I had a dream and suddenly I heard some big thunder, I thought cool! I’ve always wanted to experience a winter lightning storm, my eyes shot up. Total silence, couldn’t really sleep after that.

It’s not the first thing it’s happened either, once when I was half awake/sleeping on the couch I heard someone shout whisper “stardust, wake up!”

@ThisIsBananas yeah me too, that’s like what you imagine lurks under you when you swim so you panic and swim to shore.


^ I had to google what a Aligator Gar even was. It's a fish, hasn't changed much since the Cretaceous. Awesome post Jung.
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Silly Face!
Had a nightmare that I was at work with a guy I know. Normally I know him outside of work and he is nice.

In the nightmare he was working with me and was completely rude. He started yelling at me, and everybody started laughing and making fun of me. He continued to yell at me, and it made everybody else so uncomfortable they all started walking away.

He pulled out a needle and walked towards me. I tried to back away and get away from him, but he grabbed me and injected my arm with the needle. I looked at the spot he injected me with. It was a red lump. I worried that I got a permanent disease that I jolted awake an hour before my alarm went off. Couldn't even go back to sleep.


Excellence in Incelibacy
I woke from a dream I had last night where I was being chased by bad guys who were shooting at me. I was running away through snow covered lawns in a suburb and then I realized the bad guys could just follow my footprints! :yikes:
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Silly Face!
I was in a mall in the late afternoon and wanted to go home. I had to walk through a multi-level clothing shop to get to the parking lot. The store was mostly abandoned with only a couple workers in there. The store was large, but mostly dark. A few light bulbs hung off wires attached to the ceiling every 50 yards, that barely lit the area around it.

I was on the top floor of this store. I stepped onto the escalator and went one floor down, then walked around trying to find the next escalator to get to the next floor, but couldn't find it.

I had this dream a few days ago and forgot about it until now.


Fraudulent Mexican
I'm pretty sure a coworker of mine shit his pants and went home early yesterday. We were working in a group, and he said he had to take an emergency trip to the bathroom because he drank a bunch of coffee. He never did come back. I don't work with these people most of the week, so I have no idea what happened.