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Other Randomness [2017-2019]


I was 95.66% after the turn.


I was a dept head for the Mesquite Resort Properties in NV for 7 years. I saw people lose wives, cars and houses and sobbing in the High Roller managers office with better luck than that.


Well losing 1 out of 3 ain't bad. It would be terrible losing your car or house.
Some of them were my employees. It was sad and/or hilarious by turns watching gambling ruin there lives. They would move to Mesquite happy and retired and a year or two later be living in a crappy apartment divorced, working for me full time, spending their paychecks trying to win back their retirement. I love craps and poker but shit! I have a budget and I don't ever try to make living at it. I don't work for the Casino's any more either.
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Sittin' on the toilet.

Thinking of you....
Well can you make sure you put the lid down and the toilet paper in the right position when you're done.LMAO

People from the Midlands in the UK have to be the dumbest mother fuckers in this country, just seriously I've had the misfortune of meeting quite a few recently and today in the market I was listening to one of them and just decided, yes dumbest people in this country
Well I hate to tell you this but the US is where I'm from and it ain't much better over here the freaks can't drive and I happen to be one of them. Take for instance I ran a guy over in January because the gear shift got stuck in neutral. When I was trying to get it reversed. Needless to say this dumb bastard wanted to help while standing to close to the front tire. I tried again to put the vehicle in reverse it slipped again I into neutral. I was such a wreck I hit the gas instead of the break and ran his ass over. I broke both of his legs. While lying there in the parking lot of a small town bar, the guy kindly asks the owner for a shot of whiskey. Now ain't that some dumb weirded out shit.
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I once ate broccoli
I was walking in the aisles of the supermarket when I saw this. Maybe this is what heaven looks like.