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Rant of the Moment.... Everything


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I'm tired of it. I've been sick going on 3 weeks now. Everyone I know is in a tizzy of one kind or another. All is complicated and insane, and I'm at the fucking edge. I'm just tired of living in this hell.


1. I talk to my friend while I'm at work maybe twice per week for a few minutes. We don't get to see eachother very much anymore, and we only talk when it's not busy. EVERY time, not once, not a few times, EVERY time we have a chance to talk, suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook, people are coming in the door in numbers, everything to fuck up those few minutes. It's beyond coincidence anymore. Tonight, I waiting and finally he calls and it wasn't even 30 seconds before the phone rang. Now, the phone had not rung for 90 minutes. Also, noone had come in for well over 2 hours. So he calls and I deal with 8 phone calls and 3 walk ins in a fucking row. So he gives up in disgust. Since that point, not one walk in, and like 2 calls in an hour. I've tested this, if I call him, fuck I'll do it right now.

I called him and said hey, he was just getting ready for bed, the fucking phone rang, I shit you now. If I would have stayed on it would have gone berserk. WTF? Oh haha Hell, fuck you too. Oh, and someone walked in to check in too, even more funny. If I had tried to stay on the phone it would have been neverending.

2. Driving to and from home is a neverending nightmare. I almost get in accidents daily. Even today I had 2 near misses just on the way to work, and in both cases, they were visibly mad at me for existing apparently. They cut me off, then they're mad at me. Oh, ha ha.

3. Work. I work for typical Evil corporate types from L.A. When we were having record breaking summer months, no raise, no nothing, not even a thank you. Now we're having very slow winter months, moreso than in a while, and so now they are cutting hours, blaming us, acting super pissy. "What have you done for me lately?" Fucking bullshit.

4. Cell Phones. I fucking hate them. They work for shit through this whole area, I'm fucking tired to the bone with people calling on those shit things to the office, breaking up, getting disconnected, calling back, rinse repeat. ARGH! They wont accept that they work for shit in this area, they drive me nuts when I'm trying to actually do my job and they keep bothering me. STOP. Find a place with a signal. Then call. Stop driving and calling, it don't work!

5. Everything I buy and all my bills have gone up over the last 12 months, at least slightly. Only thing not going up? My pay. My wifes pay. We both asked for raises, both shot down. This county sucks ass so bad that we can't even quit to get better paying jobs. So we slowly get squeezed to death. NICE. Thanks hell. We can't move! We can't save a fucking dime.

6. President Bush actually said "We don't use torture" while trying to have a bill shot down that prohibits torture, and nobody killed the Evil Lying SOB where he stood. There is no god or gods, not any Good ones anyways. This man can say "Black = White" and "2+2=5" with a straight face and nobody would have the power or the balls to stop him.

7. My group of friends has been on the decline lately. Some moved, some decided to leave because their woman was too evil, some just got real busy at work. The really cute and flirty 19 year old girl moved away to college, then immediately broke up with her BF who was in our group. No more seeing her, sigh. It pisses me off, and with my weird schedule I'm having trouble getting to meet new people. I treasure the ones who are left, but I hate to think what would happen if they dissapeared due to one of the above reasons.

That's enough for now. Just needed to rant a bit, been a while. I understand this world, this hell, I just wont accept it. "It's just the way things are!" or "Why worry about things you can't change?" is all just cop outs for this hell. It's fucking Hell, I don't HAVE to accept or like it. Thank you.


Inconspicuously Informal
You certainly don't have to accept it, but you might be able to control it. I've had many cycles in my life like that and most of it revolves around stress. Call it karma, kismit, or whatever...usually it takes awhile for me to recognize what is going on and then try to reduce it to a level that makes me numb. (Try watching Office Space ;))

Good luck, and be careful on the road....


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Aww man. :(

I'm sorry you're feeling shitty. Have you seen a doctor for your sickness?


Domesticated Savage
JXLC. Man to Man. Do you ever have any you time? If not try to make some. At least try. Its very hard to do but I found that my stress declines when I have time to do what I enjoy. I wish I had better advice then that but I don't. Except see a doctor about your sickness. As for a raise no clue. Some people just won't loosen up the purse strings to bet on the robes of Jesus. That's why many businesses lose good employees.

Bush is a problem for us all. We all feel your pain.


You know I don't think it's Bush I hate. I think it's all the mindless drones that think he's Jesus, that I hate. He may be President, but he is human, and therefore will make mistakes. Fine. Just man up and admit it. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.