Rant of the moment.... The Law...


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Why is it the law always works against me and not for me. Examples:

At work they don't give the by law required 10 minute break every 4 hours. When questioned the "tough nobody gets them" comes out. OK.

When I had to stop paying my credit card because I was nearly homeless, the law came down on me like a ton of bricks.

When idiot after idiot passes me crazy like, or rides my ass like a cheap gay hooker, with cops looking on.... Nothing.

When I report some asshole is fucking with my mother-in-law over the phone, and have the phone trap to prove it in court, the cops accuse me of harrasing the guy doing the calls? WTF?

When some idiots have started a bon fire in the Street right by my house on a no burn day, so big I have to get a hose to stop the trees from going up, the cops stop by and have beers with the guys!

When I have my car broke down on the road, the cops post ticket after ticket on it and then eventually tow it away in a week!

When I see a wanted felon who robbed my wife some years ago at a pizza place and phone the cops, I shit you not, the cops not only told me they couldn't do anything about it, but the dispatcher told me if I got a gun and solved it "right" that I'd probably be better off! My wife heard the bastard on the phone!

All in all I avoid the law like I avoid anything that could turn on me for no apparent reason and ruin my life without provocation.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Justice is blind my friend. But she hates your cologne.

Next time the cops come and have drinks, take a picture. Then "donate" it to the local paper. Betcha it'll get noticed real quick.


The law has always been blind, they just dont want one person getting away from something and allow others to follow. If your smart enough you force them to enact on the laws that should work for you by going to court and what-not, counting on how serious a law you want enforced. Or you know you can go to another country with less laws, there has to be one country like that somewhere, just hope you don't lose your wallet every day :p.