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Ravenstoke Alaska

Okay .. this seems just too odd to be true .... but snopes didn't have anything on it and there's a lot of stuff about it on google.

These guys in this town in alaska outnumbered the women 10 to 1 .. literally.. so they *apparently* sprayed the entire town with axe and also apparently that worked to attract women to the town. I almost refuse to believe this, but again, snopes didn't have anything on it, and in my 5 minute search on google, nothing appeared to go against it. :confuse:
Um ok, NNC it obviously making a joke of CNN, and the way those girls came seemed kinda scripted..i mean...alaska is the biggest state in the US, who would ware barefoot allt he way there.



Was machen Sie?
i am moving to alaska, temporarily.
10-1 thing is true, though one can only imagine the type of men :/
axe...please, a plane ticket would surffice.