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Fringe RE: Regeneration rats


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Regeneration rats

okay, myself and JLXC had an intersting conversation on the effect of those regenerating mice being released into the wild, what country do you think the worst effect would have been on which country 50 years after their release and why?


just think, in 50 years india would have doubled its population causing it to become the lagrest populated country in the world, even though its half the size of china, the rats in 50 years probably would have multiplied, efforts to destroy the mice fail due to their capabilities, so as the world population grows, so does the rats
it causes plague and all sorts of mice carried deseases

problem solved
then you nuke the country, and they grow to the size of rottweilers


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No he's saying that millions of disease resistant, poison resistant, regenerating Rats, would be no small problem for any country.


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Shoot to kill?

This is very interesting. Is it a fact that this rats are being released into the wild? I am not up to date on the subject, but if this is the case, this is a major problem!


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Don't panic, they aren't going to release them, they want to study them. They're mice in any case, but we were talking about What If... someone released these mice into the wild. It's already true that when they breed with regular mice those mice become regenerators. Then what if it passed along to Rats?!?! Then we'd all be fucked in the A!


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Rats are *HIGHLY* intelligent animals and are an exterminator's nightmare.

They know how to evade traps, can taste poison one millionth the size of the food they are eating, and have a Communistic social structure with zero heirarchy.

They are also highly aggressive. I've talked to a few exterminators and contractors, and they hate working in NYC basements because these rats are literally the size of small dogs and have no fear. They will hiss if you get near them.

Now, those are Norway rats. Ironically, we have domesticated Norway rats but not Black rats, a.k.a. "The Plague Carriers," which do not have jaws strong enough to break the skin and are abnormally hyper.

Black rats originate from Asia, and are much more timid than their Norweigan brothers.

However, pet rats only display positive traits and are as personable as Golden Retrievers.


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According to the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, mice are the most intelligent form of life on earth. Which is fine, they can be intelligent. I have a big shoe to step on them. Anyways, to answer the point, mice and rats do not carry disease. Fleas carry and transmit the diseases from human to animal, which is why breakouts (Black Plague, which I lived through personally) of plague occur. The idea of releasing any type of scientifically altered creature into the wild fills me with dread and fear, because humanity can NOT control the reaction of nature. So, its a bad idea.

As generations of animals, especially pack animals (humans included or hive creatures reach a certain amount of breeding within the generations, they become smarter. Speculatively, we can say that 500 years ago, rats were unable to avoid traps an poison, however since their genetic code (as in many animals) seems to transmit a certain level of learned intelligence or augmented instinct, they continuously become smarter. Just like humans.

I think it would be a world wide problem, not segmented to a specific country. As much as advanced countries would like to seem above third world countries, I promise we are only one or two national disasters away from not being that way.