Read up, this is hilarious!


Click click boom
So there was this one Sunday that my family and I were late for church. It was horizontally raining, so our garage sensor wouldn't let us close it. Ultimately out of desperation to get to church on time, we chose to lock the back door. It wasn't until halfway to church that we realized that we locked ourselves out of the house. My dad grabbed the extra pair of keys for the car (you know, the ones that have the remote button tag and ignition key only). So throughout the whole mass, we were thinking of how to get back in. After church got out, we decided to go to Golden Corral for breakfast. On the road there, my mom cracked her window to flick out her cigarette. She flicked it, but the lit butt flew back in, hitting my little brother in the eye! Now, this may not sound funny, but I was literally freaking out I was laughing so hard (when he was 6, he fell down the basement steps, I laughed at that, too). My dad, who was driving while it poured down rain, was laughing his ass off. My brother is freaking out, as well as my mom. We finally get home and I kicked the fucking door in.


I think you might have told me this story, but that is fucking hilarious. Painful, perhaps, but hilarious.