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really confuzzed

well i have an ex girlfriend that i think im in love with still but she dont have feeling for me as much as i know. well the funny thing about this is that every time we hang out it seem to be that we alwas hook up and it confuzzing me because if she doesnt like me still then why does she want to keep fucking and shit. hey im not complaing about it, it just that its really fucking with the mind


if i was to tell you to stay away what will happen is you will see her more often, fuck her more, get fucked over and then be heart broken.. and then get over it. the easiest way is to not see them. i still loved my ex boyfriend and he went out with me again just for sex and it hurt reeeally bad. you dont want to get into that situation, where you hear someone that used to adore you say "i dont love you" noo way it FUCKS everything.. for a while :p


The One And Only
yea mspunk is right, get rid of the bitch, she aint gonna do nothin but hurt u again, my advice.... move one dude, its the only thing that will spare ur heart in the future, trust me, a cracked heart now is better than a shattered heart later down the line
Yes you should stay well away from her but like MsPunk I know you're not going to do that... I was in love with a guy for 5 years, we were together for 2 of those years and we did love each other at first but it went very very nastily wrong... we stayed friends but we would always end up sleeping together and then one day (about 2 months before I met my current boyfriend) we slept together and I knew it was the last time we would ever sleep together- I didn't want it anymore and I was no longer in love with him.
That day will come for you- but you got a way to go yet.
Good luck man!

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
If you can, convince yourself that she is dirty scum. She loved you, and now shes using you. That dirty fuckin whore. Call her over and have sex with her. As many times as you wish. Then, when you think your good and over her, and she still likes the bedtime motion, call her, invite her over. Fuck her brains out, unload all over her face and punch her in the nose. Light her hair on fire and scream "HAHA! NOW YOU GOT BURNED!" You can add the Family Guy "No bail." after if you wish.


Holding all those feelings inside isnt healthy....I understand how you feel about loving someone and not knowing what there just let her know how you feel! ! If she doesnt want to have a real relationship than take the free sex...then move on.....i know your saying to yourself 'i dont wanna move on'. I'm sure there is a girl on this planet that can love you the same way you love them..just got to find her...NOW GET YOUR ASS UP AND TELL HER THAT YOU LOVE HER AND IF SHE REJECTS YOU THEN USE THE SHIT OUT OF HER ASS!! :D