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Headlines really fucked up


College Punk
if it wasnt a old man put his dick on girls shit it would be kinda funny but this is just wrong

Boulder police are looking for a man who secretly swiped teenage cheerleaders' cameras and took photos of his genitals.

The girls didn't realize anything was amiss until they got their pictures back from a photo developer.

The incident happened earlier this month during a cheerleading camp while the girls were staying at a Boulder hotel, according to two victims and their families.

The man who used the camera was careful not to take pictures showing his face, but the disturbing photos included him placing his genitals on the girls' personal items including drinking cups, bottles and food.

"It was quite a shock looking at those, quite a shock that in the very room she was in he would do these things to himself, I'm just appalled," said Barb Helzer, mother of one of the girls.

The cheerleading camp was held on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado from June 8-11. The girls stayed off campus at the Broker Inn.,1413,36%7E53%7E2229246,00.html


lexicon incognito
gee, nobody ever thinks about how many people must have previously gotten it on and/or spilled shitloads of body fluids in the hotel rooms they rent?


kinda perverted, but it does bring to my mind the fact that people are SO FUCKING STUPID

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
that is disturbing.. although i have a certain hate for most cheerleaders so i do have to let out a bit of a giggle here. hehehe.
That is definitely in the top 5 funniest things I've read this month. It's grossly disturbing yes, but it humorous to a certain extent. Damn cheerleaders. :p