How dare you!?
well i never will go by them again.. its so frigged up. you have to do everything just right..
I bought 2 sticks of 128 mb kingston ram at best buy the other day and i was suppoz to get 32 dollars worth of rebates.. i was like hey thats not that bad. So i followed the directions to a T.. so about 2 weeks ago i called them cuz it had been a long time and i was like i didnt get my rebate yet..

Long story short they told me because i sent 2 in (even tho i bought 2 dammit!) that i couldnt get the rebate because i defaulted or something like that.. I was like ok well then do i atleast get one. and they said no.. Im like WTF thats not fair... and the lady just said im sorry goodbye and hung up.. i was like grr bitch.
The damn rebates never work for me.


Stop buying electronics at best buy, circuit city, comp usa etc and problem solved. Besides paying a huge mark up, those mail-in rebates are bullshit. They make thier money because most people either mess them up, forget or don't bother to send them in.

p.s. Most rebates clearly state; "limit one offer per house-hold."

edit: You shoud've bought one 256MB stick.