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Headlines Rebel offensive in Caucasus


Chaotic Neutral
Dozens of Islamist militants yesterday launched a coordinated wave of attacks on the spa town, triggering gun battles in a previously peaceful area of the north Caucasus.
Police buildings, the telephone network, the airport and the security services building were among eight targets attacked by militants in a day of violence that began at 9am.

Separatist rebels claimed responsibility for the offensive in Nalchik, the capital of the mostly Muslim republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.,2763,1592345,00.html

They want independence, but Putin doesn't. All the crude oil and natural gas pumped from the Caspian sea pass through the caucasus and there's no way Moscow will give up any Caucasus territory to independantists. The result is chronic violence, as seen last year in Beslan and yesterday in Nalchik.

The conflict in Chechnya was once secular, but now it has gone islamized (sp?) and the Caucasus/Chechnya is now proclaimed Jihad territory by extreme islamists. Stay with us, coming up next, more rebel offensives slash terrorist attacks.


They must have read that book of Tom Clancy...
What's the name... Eeuuuhh...

Red Storm Rising...

It is the late 1980s, and the USSR is in trouble. Muslim terrorists have destroyed the largest oil refinery in the Soviet Union, and in 6 months, the USSR will run out of oil. Faced with this disaster, the Politburo makes a fateful decision. To survive, the USSR needs to seize the oil in the Middle East. Before that can happen, NATO must be neutralized. Operation Red Storm begins.

Skillfully distracting and deceiving the West for four months while its army trains, the USSR convinces the world that West Germany is preparing to attack. Using this excuse, the Red Army invades. America, Britain, and France stand by their treaty commitment, and World War III starts.

The Soviet surprise attack, including an invasion of Iceland and the closing of the Atlantic to NATO, catches the West horribly off guard, and NATO is thrown into a desparate defense. But the West comes roaring back, forcing the Soviets into a stalemate.

Soon, the entire war comes down to the outcome of a single battle deep in West Germany. Both armies are at the breaking point, and a startling plot in being carried out in the capital of a superpower...
In analogy to Yamamoto reading a book of Hector Bywater, and years later leading the attack on Pearl Harbor.