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Red Eye


I just got back from watching The Ring 2. It was actually pretty good. At least it wasn't the shit fest I feared it would be. Anyways thats beside the point. What stuck with me most was one of the previews of all things. It was for a movie called Red Eye. I must say that was the most awesome trailer for any movie ever. As a matter of fact I had to create a whole new tier of awesomeness just to accomodate for it. It was more entertaining than many full movies I've seen. I was just wondering if anyone else was as awestruck by its sheer awesomeness as I was.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Eh, the ring two, wasn't as good as I thought, maybe I wasn't drunk enough.. but who knows..

Also, I saw the preview for redeye as well, I didn't get it at first (at what happened with his eye) but then I figured it out. =P


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ooohhh oooohhh i wanna go i wanna go see the ring 2 and see the trailer for red eye.....muahahahahaha