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Angel of Death
Angel are you there?



Who are you?

You know. That reflection...the one you have to face.


You can't shut your eyes, I won't let you... Look... See me.

you are me.

Who else have you got?

.... Go away.

But i am here for you.


Your scared to face me


So you hate yourself.

I never said that....

But I am you.

No your not... I am not that. made me cry.

I am not going to cry I won't let myself. Shut up just be quite... .

You already are....It's ok to be weak sometimes. It's alright to fail.

I am not weak I will not fail.... GOD DAMN IT SHUT UP

or you will what? "Hurt" me?

shh... please.....anyone....Help me?

Who are you asking help for. From me? Im the only one here Angel...sweet Angel... They left ya.

Being alone is nothing new to me.

Ah yes, It must be really lonely being you

I don't like to be alone

yet you always are... so sad...go ahead cry now

There is no reason to cry....

No one there to whipe them away...

I hate you with everything that lays in this soul....

If you hate me how can you love?


No answer. You hate a lot of things. The world so tragtic to you.

Please shut up. go away... leave me

but I am here for you... Have faith Angel.. I am here for ya