teh anarchist

Not all these have been said to me .. but I got these together to hear some of your best :sword:

(insert profanity here) NO!!!!
(pinch the guy and say) are you dreaming
Bye fag
Don't make me get the pepper spray
Friends with privileges???
Get a job
Get a life
Guys are smelly
How about no
I already have a girlfriend
I am happy being single
I am really mean
I don't date white guys
I don't like you like that
I don't like your friends
I don't think things will work out
I don't wanna date
I don't want to destroy our friendship
I dunno
I forget your name
I hate your best friend
I have a boyfriend
I have a chance with a really hot guy, don't wanna mess that up
I have cramps
I have to get a drink of water
I just broke up
I know someone who likes you and I don't wanna make her mad
I love someone else
I love your dad
I thought you liked so and so
I thought you were gay
I'd break your heart
I'd only be in it for the sex
I'm Bi
I'm horny and you couldn't provide enough
I'm interested in some one else
I'm not good enough for you
I'm not in the mood
I'm not ready
I'm not ready for a guy
I'm really busy
I'm too young to date
I'm very gay
I'm washing my hair
I'm way outta your league
It'd be awkward
It's not u it's me
“Laughing” no sorry
Let's not ruin what we have
mmm bacon
My best friend hates you
My best friend likes you
My cat just died
My parents won't let me
Not ready for a commitment
OO did you say something? I was distracted by your patheticism
Sorry I just found out I like girls
There's no spark
Try again next year
You don't have a car
You suck
You would just use me
You would never love me
You wouldn't show me enough affection
You’re not smart enough
You’re not sweet enough
You’re too black
You’re too mean
You’re too nice
You’re too short
You’re too ugly
You’re too white
We better as friends
We don't know each other well enough
We won't see much of each other
We're not compatible
We're such good friends it would be weird
Who needs a bf when you have big sombrero?
Why do you stalk me?
You like someone else
You wouldn't like me
Your parents wouldn't like me
You're like a sibling to me
You're nice but it won't work
You’re not good enough for me
You're not my type
You're too boring
You're younger than me

so.. lemme hear em cause personally if I'm gonna get turned down (although I just got myself a girl so that shouldn't happen for a while at least) I should at least hear something new haha :mfinger:

teh anarchist

ah yes .. couldn't find this before my last post

The lets be friends phrase could be the biggest, purest and most concentrated piece of bull crap in american culture. If I could go back in time and do two things 1. I'd see Nirvana in concert and 2. I'd locate, hunt down, and bitch smack whoever thought that up and all those who contributed to it's creation. I mean it's possibly the worst thing you can say. You females may be thinking, " No it's a nice way to reject someone". However you'd be, in the words of one of my best friends," A jew duck" which bascially means wrong. Guys hate the let's just be friends thing. It doesn't fool neone. It can be interpreted in many ways but the basic interpretation is as follows. You're really cool and all *You're not rich, cool, fast, emo, punk, white, black, tall, or preppy enough* And I enjoy hanging out with * you're cool for about three minutes then you're annoying and you make me barf* But we have a good friendship and I don't want to ruin that * You have no chance in the bluest depths of hell or the farthest reaches of the earth of ever going out with me now get away before i choke* And dating you would be like dating a brother * I have nothing else to say* And we should keep things the way they are * Begone Knave you are banished from my presence*. Understand girls, you may say one things but that is what we hear. And guys I'm sure you'll all heard sumthing like that. And next time you hear it ask WHY, Why are we better friends. Why am I like a brother. Or have you ever consider that we could be good for one another. And the best question How many times have you used this excuse and do you practice it. They'll be speechless. And btw I'm sure some girls practice it. They must. But please could you come up with sumthing better. Something original. At this point I thinking hearing,"I would but i gotta go get a drink of water" would be better than ,"Let's just be friends." And when you say no have at least one good reason prepared and if you don't, make up sumthing on the spot. And don't say that you didn't know it was gonna happen and you didn't expect cause you knew it would happen. You knew the guy liked you and knew he would ask. It's not that hard to realize that a guy likes you. Simple way to find out. When talking to the guy ask him he remembers word for word your last 3 to 4 sentences. If he does then you do the math. But anyway no need to beat a dead horse on to my next point... but that about covers it for my opinion for now


Mr. Ee
Oh here's another one I hear all the time.....

"Sorry, I just can't handle the girth of that thing. It's way too big for me. You need a Japanese chick to handle that monster. *shivers*"

Fuckin wusses.


Strike First Strike Hard
Some responses I've heard

Yes I do like candy but, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers
I'm not into Furries
No, but would you like to buy some cookies?
I'm saving myself for Al Gore
(An Iraqi woman) Sorry, I don't date guys with less side burns than me
Ya, sure, but that'll be $200 up front, and you wear a rubber
Umm, your fly's open
(in a really deep voice) Sure, but there's something you should know.
Ha Ha HaHa.....Ha Ha Ha Ha.........Ha Ha Ha Ha
Aren't you Deuce Bigalow?


Mr. Ee
teh anarchist said:
havoc find something original man

Oh wah, wah.

Don't rain on my parade "wise guy"

I'm funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to fuckin' amuse you?


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I've only been rejected three times...

And one time was a dare :)

One was "That's nasty!"

The other two were stuff like "Aww that's so sweet... and you're a good friend of mine..."

Lame shit like that.

Anywho, I bet you can't guess which one was a dare.


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HavokChylde said:
"Sorry, I just can't handle the girth of that thing. It's way too big for me. You need a Japanese chick to handle that monster.
LMAO!!! rep up....

"ive already got a bf..."....-thats ok..he doesn have to know....
.."jerk!"...she walked away...i then proceeded to grab my crotch and say..."ive got your jerk here..."


Mr. Ee
"You don't want me, I have A.I.D.s"

"I don't get with guys who have smaller dicks than me"

"OMFG are YOU human?!?"

"I don't do anyone for free sweetie."

Friggin' women. I mean seriously, that was just on my way to work this morning.


P.S. - I don't care.
Iven never understod why some girls say "I cant go out with you, I have to wash my hair" WTF.