relationships suck


Ultra Mega
never lasts, yup. old married couples are usually just on a two-week fling, yeah. especially the ones who have been married for 50 years. it never lasts.


I own pain.
I agree, ya might as well surgically remove your heart and saw it down the middle. Fuck sex, the love is more important.


Sexual Deviant
Noah said:
Fuck sex, the love is more important.

You say that now, but wait until 50 years from now when that big 'ol nasty flappin' flower is queefin' next to you under the sheets.Love my ass, you'll be wishin' you could be bangin' some 18 y/o hottie.


Pig Tails and a Shotgun
i would have to agree.... if writing this a week ago i would have had to say that sex is more substanial then love, but after starting a new relationship with this "fella" I think that relationships are definitely worth the effort. Sure, they might not last forever, and maybe in the end all it will bring is pain, but why ruin what you might have today by fearing the future. I say, you'll never know if you'll wake up again tomorrow, so make the best of today..... and try to balance the love with the sex..... yes, that's my wisdom today.


Angel of Death
I have never had sex with anyone but Jesse, so maybe I am not the best judge.

But Jesse, in all honest, has hurt me worse then anyone. So with love, there will always be pain. But in the end if the love out ways the pain you feel in your heart....then you know it is worth it.

Sex, may feel good... it may be awsome, but unless you truly make love with the person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. Its just, i have never felt anything as good as that... its hard to explain.


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otepsoul said:
lol im single as of today.nah its not good.

well, i suggest you get over your little break up... as hard as that may be. find somebody else... i'm single and i'm perfectly happy with it.


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Unforgiven said:
well, i suggest you get over your little break up... as hard as that may be. find somebody else... i'm single and i'm perfectly happy with it.
hmmm have you ever had a g/f, sounds like you have never had one.


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Those that are single and are able to get sex are happy and don't realise how hard it is for those that are single and don't have people around willing to fuck them. Those people are not so content. No one doesn't want to feel loved. So keep that in mind when offering advice to single people. No one can truly be happy unless they feel some sort of love or affection from someone. We were not built to be alone!

I might add that there are some folks that are not happy with the love and affection they are receiving now cause what they have isn't great so being with the wrong person isn't going to feel any better than being single and not getting what you need as well. Once you find the one you want to be with, it's like heaven. True, love and pain often go hand in hand but as long as the pain part is outweighed by the love part, you are good to go. It hurts like bread knives stabbing at your heart when you break up, but the feeling of being loved really does make it worth while. Being in a relationship is hard work but I think it is worth the good and the bad and the ugly parts of it! I've been through it a bunch of times and I am still a happy woman!