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remember me...

ok first of all i would like to thank all for your help last time.. so here we go agen....

::remember me::

I know I can never have you
And I can't take it any more
To see you with him
Hug him and kissing him
Telling him you love him

I can’t take it any more
Life without love is
Not worth livening
Life without you
Is nothing at all

I long to wrap my arms around you
And never let go of you
To sit with you hand in hand
Never to leave your side
To taste you upon my lips
To feel you close to me

But never to have any of that
I can’t take it no more
Not for another tear to be shed for you
Or another dream of you
To only wake and forget

The last words on my lips are to you
Remeber I loved you
And always will
I will be the there if you need me
The warm fire you curl close to
To cool bres upon you check
I love you

Remeber me when I am gone
Gone from your sight
Remember I loved you
Remember the friendship we had
Remember the times we had together
And the words that were spoken
omg...that about made me cry... that can not express what that job... real good... wow....*shocked and teary eyed*


I try to think of someway to say what I think of that peom but the words are not coming to me. So I will say the only word that will come out.