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Renos Suck

so i had this huge ass idea, to rip up all my carpetting to lay new flooring. it is a good idea, due to carpets are discusting, i shall never have any ever again. anyhoo, i'm single, no one to help me, so GREAT idea, every muscle in my body today is killing me :(. so i decide to go out last night after i finished ripping up the livingroom, dinningroom and family room carpets. bad idea number 2. so now today i had to start on the bed rooms, now i'm hung over sore from head to toe, and now feeling sorry for myself. can't wait till my renos are done. :(
ok thanx for listening to my whine, i'll have my cheese now :cool:


Oppressing your posts...
tried a flamethrower?
I'm sorry nymph, that's lame. Once you finish up, you'll feel like you've accomplished a great something, so keep on truckin!
DAMN DG. first the site won't let me leave, now i have to reno your place too?! slave driver i tell ya. well you'd better come and help me paint then, thats next weeks project. oh and i finished ripping up the floors, YAY. ass is sore, arms are mush, but its done. phew. i shall keep you updated, i know the suspense shall be torcher.