Headlines Report: CIA Paints Pessimistic Iraq Picture


Seeker of Truth
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The situation in Iraq is unlikely to improve anytime soon, according to a classified cable and briefings from the CIA, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The assessments are more pessimistic than the Bush administration's portrayal of the situation to the public, government officials told the newspaper.

The classified cable -- sent last month by the CIA's station chief in Baghdad after the completion of a one-year tour of duty there -- painted a bleak picture of Iraq's politics, economics and security and reiterated briefings by Michael Kostiw, a senior CIA official, according to the Times.

The station chief cannot be identified because he is still working undercover, the Times added.

The cable, described as "unusually candid," cautioned that security in the country is likely to deteriorate unless the Iraqi government makes significant progress in asserting its authority and building up the economy, the paper said.

Spokesmen for the White House and the CIA told the Times that they could not discuss intelligence matters and classified documents.
Dam CIA, bunch of party poopers!

I thought freedom was on the march, lot of good people working hard, and all that...what a disappointment.