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Headlines Report: Frey willing to fake pregnancy


Seeker of Truth
(Court TV) -- Amber Frey proved herself a willing pawn the first time she met with police, when she offered to lie to her lover, Scott Peterson, in a ploy to coerce information from him.

According to a document exclusively obtained by Court TV's Catherine Crier that contains a transcript of one of the first conversations police had with Frey, the massage therapist said she might be able to draw Peterson into her confidence by telling him she was pregnant with his child.

The conversation took place on December 30, 2002, just hours after police sought Frey out after receiving an anonymous tip about her relationship with the married man, who is now facing capital murder charges for his pregnant wife's death.

"He doesn't know that I've had my period," Frey told police.

"So you're suggesting that we could probably use that as a ruse or something like that?" Modesto Detective Jon Buehler asked.

"Yes, oh yeah," Frey said.
Why would she do that? So she could see if he was going to dump her in the bay too?

Somebody got a little too caught up in playing Jr. Detective...