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Headlines Report: Man bought mattress before reporting wife missing


Seeker of Truth
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- Around the time Mark Hacking called police to report that his pregnant wife never returned from her morning jog, he was at a furniture store buying a new mattress, according to local news reports.

Hacking, 28, has not appeared publicly since Monday, the day he said his 27-year-old wife, Lori, vanished. Family members say he has since been hospitalized for stress.

The Deseret News and television station KSTU reported Thursday that police found Hacking at a motel about a half-mile from the couple's apartment early Tuesday. The report said Hacking was hospitalized after being found.

Police said only that they were called to a disturbance involving Hacking and that the matter was turned over to medical personnel.

Det. Dwayne Baird said police considered Hacking a "person of interest" in the case but not a suspect, and that he had been interviewed as recently as Wednesday.

Lori Hacking was five weeks pregnant when she disappeared just days before the couple was to move to North Carolina, where Mark Hacking said he was going to attend medical school, family members said.

But he had lied to his wife and family -- he never graduated from college, nor was he accepted to any medical school, authorities said Thursday.

Meanwhile, The Salt Lake Tribune and KSL TV reported that Monday morning, in the minutes before he called police to report his wife missing, Mark Hacking was buying a new mattress.

The owners of a Salt Lake furniture store told the Tribune that Hacking came in about 9:45 a.m. Lisa Downs, the wife of store owner Chad Downs, said the credit-card purchase went through at 10:23 a.m..

Police have said Hacking called them and reported his wife missing at 10:49 a.m.

Friends told the Tribune that he had called them about 10 a.m. about his wife's disappearance and said he had twice run his wife's usual jogging route, three miles each way.

OK, so he went to buy a mattress at 10:23, got home, ran 12 miles looking for her, and then called the police at 10:49. Yeah, that adds up...


Resident Conservative
why is it that some missing persons stories make so much news and others don't get any coverage...

but it did help push the Sandy Berger stuff outta the headlines...

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
voiceofreason said:
But he had lied to his wife and family -- he never graduated from college, nor was he accepted to any medical school, authorities said Thursday.

"If the glove doesnt fit, you must acquit"