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Here it is via "Yahoo News":

WASHINGTON - The Senate, in an unusual Sunday session, saw its effort to pass a sweeping corporate tax bill grind to a halt in the face of delaying tactics by a Louisiana senator upset that the measure did not include pay support for members of the Reserves and National Guard.

By a 66-14 vote, lawmakers did agree to limit debate on the tax bill, which provides $136 billion in new tax breaks for businesses and $10.1 billion separately to buy out tobacco farmers' government quotas.

But hoped-for final passage of the measure was delayed until Monday because of objections from Sen. Mary Landrieu D-La.

Landrieu was seeking to get approval for another bill that would give employers a tax credit if they made up the pay their employees lose when they are called to active duty in the Reserves or National Guard.

Landrieu's proposal would provide a 50 percent tax credit to employers for up to $30,000 in salary payments a year and was estimated to have a $2.5 billion cost over 10 years.

Tempers grew short during the rare Sunday session. Republicans fumed about the delay that was forcing the Senate into overtime when they had hoped to adjourn on Friday to go home and campaign. The House wrapped up business on Saturday.

Sen. Rick Santorum R-Penn., complained that "what is going on in the United States Senate is political demagoguery at the highest levels."

But Landrieu said her campaign was having an impact. She released a batch of e-mails her office had received in support of her delaying tactics. One e-mail said, "Please continue your fight for our soldiers."

The tax package offers $136 billion in tax breaks to beleaguered U.S. manufacturers and an array of other interests.

Both sides predicted lopsided approval of the bill in the Senate, which will send the measure to President Bush for his signature. The package, the most sweeping overhaul of corporate tax law since 1986, provides a wide range of tax benefits for native Alaskan whalers, importers of Chinese ceiling fans and NASCAR race track owners.

The centerpiece of the tax legislation is $76.5 billion in new tax relief for the battered manufacturing sector, which has lost 2.7 million jobs over the past four years. But manufacturing is broadly defined to include not just factories but also oil and gas producers, engineering, construction and architectural firms and large farming operations.

The bill was seen as must-pass legislation because it repeals a $5 billion annual subsidy for U.S. exporters that has been ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization. Because of that ruling, 1,600 American exports to Europe have been hit by penalty tariffs that now stand at 12 percent and are rising by 1 percentage point a month.

Some senators were also upset that the final version of the corporate bill dropped a provision that had been in the Senate version of the bill that would have given the Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) the power to regulate tobacco, a change they saw as critical in the campaign to stop children from getting hooked on cigarettes. The bill does provide a $10.1 billion buyout for tobacco farmers.

"This bill is of the elite corporate interests, by the elite corporate interests, for the elite corporate interests," said Sen. Edward Kennedy D-Mass. "It's a lobbyist's dream and a middle-class nightmare."

In addition to the $76.5 billion in tax relief for manufacturing, the measure would also provide $42.6 billion in tax relief to multinational companies.

Ok, wtf. So this Democrat from Lousiana wants to make sure that our soldiers aren't left out of this whole tax relief thing. Yet a lot of people on this forum say that the Democrats are the anti-war party, therefore they're anti-troops, anti-soldiers, and all of that shit. In reality, the Republicans are the ones who SAY they're for the soldiers...yeah they're for the whole "using soldiers as pawns" aspect of the whole thing. They'll send them off to war, praise them, and use them, but they're not fighting for them. Come on; they're fighting for you, dying for you, the least you can do is help them get ahead. Stop giving tax relief to these stupid corporations and to big tobacco; give it to the people instead.

one can see the true interests of republicans :mfinger:


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So .... let me get this straight, some democrat senator is proposing a bill that would give tax breaks to companies who pay deployed reservists a salary, while they are on active duty. I am assuming they mean to "make up the difference" in the salary they make on active duty, and what they made as a civilian. Hhhmmm, interesting, I guess.

I am a little more concerned with the soldiers who will not be able to claim the EIC Tax credit this year. Recent legislation was passed that made it so that deployed soldiers do not have to pay any federal taxes while deployed. The problem with this is that it elimates all of a soldier's taxable income that could be claimed at the end of the year. Any soldier that is eligable for the EIC already pays close to no federal tax, but now, their taxable income will fall below the minimum amount needed to claim the EIC. Meaning more money lost, despite the apparent "good intention" of doing away with their taxes.
The real kick in the ass is that now, the higher paid indivduals in the army, such as officers, will be able to claim the EIC because their incomes will fall below the maximum.
On the up side, I think there is a bill being presented to congress that would allow for soldiers to claim their special pay & allowances at tax time to ensure EIC eligability. Republicans & Democrats both will be tested when that time comes.
That may have turned a little off topic, but I am pretty much agreeing with you about republicans. My impression of them is that they prey on the misery of the lower & middle classes to make their own pockets fatter. All under the guise that a strong "big business" sector makes for a strong american economy. Thats sounds great on paper, but they are not the ones dealing with lost wages and loss of tax benefits, are they?
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maybe she shoulda proposed a seperate bill then... at a seperate time... this should be its own legislation not a ryder... maybe she shoulda gone through the process properly...