Return of the CLEWFS!


Good Fucking God! Not only do I work with incompetent people, but appearantly they're sensitive incompetent people. Now I have to watch every fucking word I say to them. They don't like my opinionated opinions. Imagine that, an opinion that's opinionated.

The perception of me is that while my manager was on vacation the past two weeks, I was barely working. The one week I put in 55 hours, and this past week I was well over 80. I was at 40 hours by Monday evening. That was because I strolled in a once or twice at 10am, but that was because the night before I was slaving away at home until 3am or later. I should have told them to put out an official memo stating that we do not have flex time despite what the official company handbook says.

Some would say I should fight back harder on this, but fuck it. That doesn't work. I'm too tired of fighting it. I'm going to embrace what they say. I'm going to remain very quiet and keep my opinions to myself. I'm also going to work a very consistent and reliable 8am to 5pm. Not one minute more.

CLEWF - Cleveland Worthless Fucks.


I really did.
I hate when people can't handle different points of views like there is a common knowlege hand book of what you're only supposed to talk about. People say don't talk about religion or politics, but fuck that, if no one talks about it, no one will ever know what is going on. Those stupid fucks just can't handle contradicting views because they are afriad of what they'll do when they realize you might be right. I am going to talk about what ever I want to because it's my right, and I'd like to educate more people who really don't know. I would like to say go on with your badself, and talk all you want, but as my mother says...Don't burn your bridges...Ah well. These people wont ever siece to be.