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There goes a clever gent
I remember this episode of Southpark where you see Timmy's mom and dad (Richard and Helen, not respectively).

If anyone can find a soundclip of Richard yelling his own name, Timmy-style, That'd be great. :thumbsup:

Otherwise, you can discuss other non-static characters from this and other shows. For instance, my favorite lesser-appearing character on The Simpsons is Professor Frink. I love that guy!

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
my favorite is gill.
"Aw, thank God! Now, let's talk rust-proofing. These Colecos'll rust up on ya' like =that=, er ... shut up, Gil. Close the deal ... close the deal!"
Gil: Well, after I lost my third job in two days, old Gil was in a pit of despair.
Lindsey: And that's when you realized you were an alcoholic?
Gil: Oh, no, I never touch the stuff. But you don't have to be drunk to know the value of Amway. Now, this is used crankcase oil, which you ladies know is murder to clean up, you know. And company's coming [two men pick up Gil and carry him out the door] Aw, you're doing this at the worst possible time. Ow, you're finger's in my eye!

oh gil, hes such a failure...


Hella Constipated
Gil: Now rainwater, that won't damage it, but saliva will take the paint right off; OH! Why did I say that?

Homer: Mmmmm...Sold!


Salesman: I'll take it from here Gil...

Gil: Awww, come on, my wife said that if I don't make a sale this week she'll leave me...

Salesman: Come on Gil...

Gil: Oh! *Whips out cell phone.* Fred there? I need to speak to Fred...Hey honey, that you? I didn't make a sale.

Later that eposide:

*Carl and Lenny Make a Hot Chick Whistling Noise*

*Homer Rolls Down Window*

Lenny: What the...Homer?! We thought you was a dame!

Homer: What?! Why would you think that?

Carl: It looks like you're driving the new F-Series there...

*Flashes Henry Ford style "F-Series" logo on Homer's SUV*

Homer: DOH!