Ridin a bike.


I don't remember how old I was, maybe 5/6ish, but I had just got my first bicycle. No training wheels. It kicked ass. The first time I rode it, I was doing awesome. Until I turned sharply. Wheels up in the air, and my knee soon occupied the ground where the wheels once were. I get up, my knee aching, and start walking to the house. I get to the house, and look at my knee for the first time, and see a nice rock chunk sticking out of my knee. WEEEEEEEE

The scar has slowly disappeared over the years, but if you look really hard, its still there. ROCK ON!


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I was riding a big wheel (one of those cheap plastic trikes), and since the wheels were hard plastic, there wasn't really any way to stop quickly.

Well, since I'm such a badass, I was like 3 or 4 and riding pretty damn fast. Some bitch cut me off (didn't she go to traffic preschool?) and I had to swerve, and hit a pile of bricks that were for some reason in my neighbor's driveway. Hit the pile, specifically, with my knee.

I just checked. Scar still there.

:thumbsup: to little kid knee stories.


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I was riding my blue FIRST bike, but this was a week before I got my new one that didn't have training wheels (Yeah, I was going up market!)
And in our back yard there was a stone path leading to the garage but it was in lower ground so it had 3 steps and a drop to get down, Anywho, I thought I would ride down the path and back again, little did I know I wouldn't come back again!
I was stupid and didn't put on the brakes and went over my handlebars and into the dip after the stairs, I had a cheek shiner and cut my knee :)


My first 2 bikes were old bmx bikes, when you backpedal it applies the brakes and you can skid. I used to love going around the block and skidding all the corners. The first corner was particularly sharp, in front of someones house. This house had ground that raised up vertically for about 5cm alongside the footpath (sidewalk). One day my mum got me a new bmx, and straight away i took it around the block. As i came up to the sharp corner i went to backpedal to skid but it just spun right around. I went along the edge of the grass, lost my balance, flew off, went and speared myself on their letterbox, then fell to the floor of their driveway, grazing my knees and elbows and knocking out 3 teeth and chipping 1. I still have a scar on my hand, and one on my elbow from that day :thumbsup:

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when i was about 5 i was riding my bike, no training wheels either down this huge hill. im not sure how but i hit something and i fly over the handlebars and hit my hand and scrape both knees and one hand. i was wearing a helmet, which was incedentally broken from hitting the ground (saved my life). and the skin and shit on my hand was scraped off pretty deep. i still got a big scar on my hand and where it is it is basically only flesh and bone, on the other hand i can feel some other stuff in between.
When i was seven or eight, i had just got a new bike that day. When i got home i wanted to take it out and start riding it. i did, while i was rideing i decided to go up onto the curb. I got up and there was a pacth of bark on the other side of the sidewalk. i wanted to ride in it, not knowing how loose the bark was. so i rode in it, my handle bars jabbed into my stomach and i had to go to the hospital to get 12 stiches.


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Back in 1994, around my birthday I learned how to ride on two wheels. I was about five or six.

I forgot what happened, but a few weeks later I slipped head over heels or something. I have barely any memories of it, but I've got a spiffy scar near my right elbow as a memoir of it. I think I hit a curb. I also, like Dragonfly, had a "Kiddie BMX" backpedal bike. I went through six sets of tires on that thing from my skidding.

Then, one week later, I was playing in the tub, and I stuck a matchbox car between the shower doors. I tried to get it out, but the door fell, and cut through all seven layers of my right pinky toe. My father tried to dislodge the door but he cut it deeper. I was then on the floor, crying, and I put on some underpants and went to the emergency room. They took so long that they had to reapply anesthetic because I fucking felt it when they pierced me.

All I remember from that is the matchbox car scene, sitting on the floor, and the stitch pain.

I was in a wheelchair for four weeks. Yay. This was right after my fucking birthday too, like two days after. So my dad took me to Blockbuster, saying "I'll buy you a game system." So I chose the Genesis instinctively because I played Sonic 2 when I was three, and I loved it.

Oh, and the scar? it's still there, pretty fucking blatent, acually. Seeing your own bone is fun.

For some bizzarre reason, I never developed a phobia of shower doors.


I took my first bike apart. Once we got it back together, I ended up making a ramp and trying to jump it. I was 3 years old, and those bikes don't pick up speed well. The front tire went off the ramp and the bike and I flipped over the ramp with thie bike landing on me.


I have two bike horror-stories! Yay...

1) When I was 8 my family and I were riding our bikes together over a hill. I lost control of my bike and flew down the hill really fast. I ended up smashing into a fenct and was covered in prickle-bushes. My face was scratched up pretty nasty. No scars from that one.

2) I was 13, and I was riding this old "bannana" bike down my driveway (which ironicly, was also a hill) to get my brother down at the end of the driveway (real long driveway) who was fishing. Anyway, when I had the stream in sight I tried to brake, only to find that the brakes didnt work. I ended up raming into ANOTHER fence, this time gashing my knee to shit. I got this HUGE scar on my knee now, and whenever I straiten out my leg, I can see this like 1/4 inch deep dimple where the cut was. Nice.


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When I was about 5 years old, I had a biking accident... I was going down a hill, hit a loose patch of gravel, and fell. So I started walking home, I was bleeding profusely, and 4 big, burly guys in leather came out of the house that was on the top of the hill.

They applied bandaged to my wounds, and I thought all was going well... until one of them pulled a big pair of scissors out of his "first aid" kit. He tells me to hold still... there are some fingers he needs to remove.

I was only 5 at the time, so I had no idea he was only joking... I was scared shitless.

It was only a few years ago that they were members of the notorious biker gang known as Hell's Angels.


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Taking the seat off makes it a whole new experience.

Anyways, we're right up in my area of expertise here. As soon as I learned to ride a bike (which came from about 15 minutes of getting shoved into the bushes by my first girlfriend's older brothers) I never wore any protective equipment, so I've got a shitload of scars.

1: When I was around 10, I decided to try riding down a large flight of stairs for the first time. Being the stupid little kid I was, I picked a steep series of stairs and had too much speed going into em. I flew right over the first 5 or so steps, then came tumbling down the rest of the stairs. Total injuries: Quarter sized cut on my left knee, dime sized cut on my right elbow, bruises, minor scrapes.

2: I got my first BMX bike for my 12th birthday. I used to live in a place called Rock Island, and it had hills pretty much everywhere. My favorite one was in a park right by my house. It had a road that snaked back and forth down it, and benches at each turn. About halfway down one time, my brake cable snapped, and I flew right into a bench. Total injuries: wide impact wound in my right calf (bench corner), cracked rib, bruises all up my right arm.

3: At an indoor skatepark, I was going up a ramp, and my shoe slipped off and flew over the ramp. I skidded backwards, with my bike laying on top of me. My shoe hit a skater going up the other side of the ramp, and he flew over and hit my bike. Total injuries: cracked sternum, minor cuncussion.

4: Different skatepark, I was learning to ride a vert ramp. I freaked out going up it, dropped my bike, and tried to land on the ramp. I missed, and caught my stomach along the edge of the roll in. I have a scar across my bellybutton. It's right over the line you get across your stomach when you're sitting and leaning forward for too long. Fortunately it wasn't deep enough to need scars. Total injuries: Near disembowelment, bruised knee.

5: Downhill racing, my chain came off. Total injuries: removed most skin on my left knee, quarter sized cut on my right knee, scrapes covering both forearms.

6: Riding on a funbox, my tire blew out, and I twisted my right ankle all the way behind me, turning inside. It literally swelled up to the size of an ostrich egg. Total injuries: Major sprain.

7: A friend kicked a skateboard in front of my wheel, and I flipped over the handlebars, landing on my pavement. To make matters worse, it was blacktop, during summer, covered with rocks, and I wasn't wearing a shirt. Total injuries: scrapes covering my back, pavement induced wedgie.

The following happened to one of my friends.

8: Racing down a hill, my friend's wheels skidded while turning into our neighborhood. He hit the curb going sideways and flew into a wall. He hit near the corner, so the wall gave him no leeway. Total injuries: deep gashes on his left elbow, deep scrapes on his right forearm, cuts covering both palms.

9: Riding a slanted wall, his wheel locked up and his handlebars came loose. He fell 8 feet onto his face, and dislocated his shoulders. He can now clap his elbows. Literally clap them. To put it in perspective, hook your thumbs into your belt loops, put your hands in your pockets, and try to clap your elbows together. Even better? He's semi-fat. Total injuries: Minor cuts, dislocated shoulders.