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Domesticated Savage
This is a song I wrote awhile back and I've kept the lyrics hidden away. I've always been afraid of being judged by this song so to overcome fear I present these lyrics to what is currently my most critical audience.

A few years ago I made a very stupid decision. Many of us have been in that deep dark hole where nothing matters anymore and had to make a choice. This song is about that choice and the person it hurt most. My exgirlfriend.

After all has come to a close
The wind has died and heaven knows
I do my best to rebuild myself, the ruined
Tattered pictures of our days past
Remind me I have no light to cast
It all comes back to a night bathed in the fluids

Because these scars on my wrists are a roadmap
They tell me where I've been, They tell me where I'm at
And just when I think I'm back on track
The past breaks me down, no time to react
I miss you my friend this is fact
I wonder how you've been and Where your at
But these questions won't be answered I am trapped
By the scars on my wrists, my roadmaps

So now dear love my days are spent
Dreaming terrors of how your eyes wept
Over me, the betrayer, My own Iscariot
You think your love was not good enough
You believe I considered you when my times were tough
I wish I did, but there's not repairing it

Because these scars on my wrists are a roadmap
They remind me where I've been and where I fucked up at
And when I sit and recall all the facts
I realize now I should have learned to relax
I miss you only one this is fact
I wonder where you've been and where you're at
I now forever wonder an ever narrowing path
Led by my scars, my roadmaps

Knowing I can delete this is tempting but four years of hiding in myself is too long. With Sara's appearance here I realize my past finds me anywhere (and no this song is not about her. Just F.Y.I.) So what better place to start being a person again then here? Not really public but not really secret. A middle ground that should work well for me.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I can see this being played to a background of one of my favorites "A Horse with no name" If you dont know this songs, look it up....anyways...just gives me that whimsical kind of feeling


Domesticated Savage
America. Lovely. Not really the plans I have for it but who knows.

I'll ask the Fly with the buzz. ;)