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S.C.U.M. Presents: A Dynasty Continues

I now have both a S.C.U.M. badge AND a flame badge. This is a sign of the apocolypse; I'm sure of it.

I wonder if now I'm allowed to give Skorch's infamous "Beat-Downs" that I have been so envious of.
Oooo….Nooooeeeeezzz! I blind penguin, with a flame badge. I sens, the end of the world is upon us. :thumbsup:

Congrats on the badge. Does this mean you win at the interwebnets?
tbsrk said:
I guess theyre giving those things out to just anybody now.

JK deus. Don't flame me!
aww I thought you had a picture up there because of the space. :(

Oh well. Thanks for the giant space anyways.