WTF ... IS WTF!?
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S.C.U.M. Presents, a Yuck Fou presentation: Operation Fuck the Kuntz

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okay this is where yourselves, as valuable *cough* members of post your hates, loves and just plain arquardies about the cunt.

personally i want the bitch to stay iside the farm forever, but thats my oppinion, bring up all the posts that bugged you the most about him?

let another fresh wave of hate consume you!

okay, firstly his posts are even more horrid and annoying that Mr Newbie himself, atleast with him he made it easy to fight. but with cuntboy over here people actually like him, whatever stupid fags they may be! anyway post all you pissedness of the retard! go!
:thumbsup: Haha, johnny kuntz is stuck in the cock farm!


Don't drop the soap Johnny!

It'll be like running backwards through a cornfield without any clothes on!

:thumbsup: leetness keeps you in the cockfarm. :thumbsup:
Some people say Johnny had humor value. I remember way back in July he got banned...but for some reason they decided to bring him back because it was "boring". I'm pretty tired of his three word post/smiley combos. A couple pictures he's posted are funny, but I say to hell with him.
Not open for further replies.