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S.C.U.M. Presents: Ayeee!


Trance Addict
I came across a fairly funny picture (but inappropriate for :rolleyes: ) with Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie) featured giving a thumbs up. I thought it'd be funny to PS him into a couple more images, but then I thought I'd make a game of it. So, let me present the idea.


Use the transparent .gif file at the bottom and paste the picture into a funny scenario for the Fonz. Make sure all images adhere to the forum rules and regulations. Please do NOT add text unless absolutely necessary.


The transparent .gif file allows you to quickly select the bounadaries of Fonzie so you can easily copy/paste him into any image. Simply open the transparent gif, select the Magic Wand Marquee tool, turn the "Tolerance" level up to 255, and select anywhere on Fonzie. Presto! You're ready for copy/paste fun.


Have fun with this, guys. Be creative, and put some time into your creations.

Here are a couple I made:

Fonzie Catches Saddam
Fonzie was at all those Pep Talks!
Fonzie doesn't support drinking, anyhow!
Haha! Fonzie thought this was funny!
Put a Smile on! Ayeee!


Fresh Meat

The higest i could set the tolerance was 131 for it to not select the whole pic. Any tips on how to fix i will edit/repost with a better version of the pic.


I'm just really nice.
Here it is! The mysterious photographic evidence that proves Descent's rim job story is true!