S.C.U.M. Presents : Dave, The Chat Log.


Mr. Ee
[17:49] * |HaVoK| sets mode: +v I_hate_th
[17:49] <Guest_965> yooo
[17:50] <|HaVoK|> Yo, FCC, are we gonna go do that cross burning thing later...?
[17:50] <Guest_965> are you guys like kkk?
[17:50] <|HaVoK|> I got the fiber board for the big cross, but i don't have any charcoal fluid.
[17:50] <|HaVoK|> something like that
[17:50] <Guest_965> you are?
[17:51] <|HaVoK|> sort of.
[17:51] <|HaVoK|> we do this to everyone.
[17:51] <Guest_965> so you burn EDITED?
[17:51] * Guest_965 has quit IRC (Guest_965)
[17:51] <|HaVoK|> lmao
[17:51] <|HaVoK|> fuckin a, scared off another guest
[17:52] * Lamp has joined #wtf.com
[17:52] * Guest_436 has joined #wtf.com
[17:53] <Guest_436> hey
[17:53] <Guest_436> im back
[17:53] * Guest_436 is now known as keepitrea
[17:54] * |HaVoK| sets mode: +vv keepitrea Lamp
[17:54] <keepitrea> yo
[17:54] <I_hate_th> Of course I'll get the gas!
[17:54] <|HaVoK|> Ok, now when we go do this, you guys have to wear black, and leave your id at home.
[17:54] <keepitrea> so yall burn EDITED?
[17:54] <I_hate_th> I thought we were wearing white this time?
[17:54] <|HaVoK|> When they ask, say your name is dave, and you want to be treated like a prisoner of war
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> no, we don't burn "EDITED". watch your mouth
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> we burn everyone.
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> We're flamers.
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> lol
[17:55] <keepitrea> explain
[17:55] <Lamp> He must be taking the topic literally
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> I have no time for this.
[17:55] <|HaVoK|> Fcc, explain what we do
[17:55] <keepitrea> yeeah
[17:56] <I_hate_th> We burn everyone. Like Havok said. I'm Dave!
[17:56] <keepitrea> oh
[17:56] <|HaVoK|> And I'm dave.
[17:56] <I_hate_th> We're Dave!
[17:56] <keepitrea> so you just go arund and burn people?
[17:56] <I_hate_th> Hi i'm Dave!
[17:56] <keepitrea> ok
[17:56] <I_hate_th> Are you Dave too?!
[17:57] <keepitrea> no im ryan
[17:57] <I_hate_th> I'm Dave!
[17:57] <|HaVoK|> Join Dave
[17:57] <I_hate_th> You're Ryan. I'm Dave!
[17:57] <keepitrea> sweet
[17:57] <I_hate_th> DAVE!
[17:58] <|HaVoK|> http://home.earthlink.net/~dth/cult.html
[17:58] <|HaVoK|> join us ryan.
[17:58] <I_hate_th> Hey Havok where is the gas?
[17:58] <keepitrea> ohhhhhhhhhhh you play a game online?!?!
[17:59] <I_hate_th> No dave!
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> all i know is i don't have any, but we can pick some up on the way there if you don't have it in your garage.
[17:59] <keepitrea> no im ryan
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> well then leave "ryan"
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> no ryans allowed
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> only dave
[17:59] <keepitrea> ok im dave now
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> hmmm.
[17:59] <I_hate_th> YES!!!
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> click the link, and fill out the form
[17:59] <I_hate_th> DAVE!!!!
[17:59] <keepitrea> ok
[17:59] <I_hate_th> DAVE DAVE DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:59] <|HaVoK|> also, a five dollar donation is mandatory
[18:00] <I_hate_th> and you have to legally change your name to DAVE!
[18:00] * keepitrea has quit IRC (keepitrea)
[18:00] <I_hate_th> YES GONE!
[18:00] <|HaVoK|> lmfao
[18:00] <|HaVoK|> loser
[18:00] <|HaVoK|> couldn't hang with "dave"
[18:00] <|HaVoK|> lmao
[18:01] <I_hate_th> Dave's too cool for that shit.
[18:01] <|HaVoK|> I think we freaked him out.
[18:01] <I_hate_th> We fraked two people out!
[18:01] <I_hate_th> I mean freaked

Another great way to rid yourself of annoying guests, age 13 and below.


Trance Addict
KayKayKay re-pre-sent! :thumbsup:

only havok, bw, and a select few will understand the true meaning of that.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
HavokChylde said:
Aren't you mister anit-chat log guy? :thumbsup:

Welcome to the wild side.

It's good to be here. I'd join you all on the IRC thing, but damn, I'm fuckin lazy, and don't want to install the necessary componants.


Mr. Ee
tbsrk said:
It's good to be here. I'd join you all on the IRC thing, but damn, I'm fuckin lazy, and don't want to install the necessary componants.

Java. :thumbsup:


Mr. Ee
You guys fail to see the quality of the cult we've attributed too.

Fucking assholes.


Mr. Ee
Kinda reminds me of Dave, from 2001 : A Space Odyssey.

Hal, where is everyone?

Everyone is dead Dave.

I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
HavokChylde said:
Icka, don't listen to this fool.

I'm the head Dave, the smacking shall commence here first. :thumbsup:
I'm afraid that you are not the head Dave, the head Dave is the son of Dave, Dave. Don't be confused by Dave's trickery Icka, Dave is not the son of Dave. It starts with me Dave, not you. :happysad: