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S.C.U.M. Presents : If I Die.

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So if you died, who would get what?

I'd give Taylor_Blade my fifteen year old bottle of scotch.
I'd give meh_it_all all of my pictures and my boxers.
I'd give MaxPower all of my bills.
I'd give DIZNUTS my Shoutbox Master Diploma.
I'd give Gehtfuct my toenail collection.
I'd give Broken my two guitars.

I'll post more later. :thumbsup:

What about you?


Hella Constipated
Jason would get my video game collection

Junglizm would get my stereo

MaxPower would get the "Closets-O-Crap: Your discount cable and computer part warehouse!"

DustinzGirl would get my pet rats

Smoke would get my PC, so he could actually run shit

My TV would go to Eastside, there's nothing like a 20" Apex TV that has an orgasmic image and great sound! His PS2 games would run great on it!

The Smithsonian Institute of Technology would get my PCI ATi Rage Pro 8MB video card for display purposes, because it is the fastest one on the planet. Max BIOS clock speeds anyone? Thank you, CompUSA!

DIZNUTS would get my technology magazine collection - Lots of rare Game Informers dating back to '98, Official Sega Dreamcast Magazines, and numerous PC Magazines and PC World's. Lots of AzN chicks in those ODCM mags, just for him ;).

HavokChylde would get my Far Side book collection.

My Calvin and Hobbes collection would go to Dragonfly, because I think he would enjoy that.

My Chemlab/500 chemistry set would go to GehtFuct for various anal torture methods.

Everything else is first cum, first serve.
Cool, I'd take that far side collection in a heartbeat.:thumbsup:

Descent would get every single one of my old PC games. That's about 300.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Ya know when I opened this, I thought to myself
"Havok won't die! I better be in this!"
And wahey... I get his boxers. My life is complete now. ;);)

If I die,
I'd give Havok all my personal belongings ;)
I'd give Nymph my stuffed doggy.
I'd give T my cake recipe and a bag a cookies on the side
I'd leave Jason, a year's supply of sandwiches and, A phone number for a good deli.
I'd give GGW my scrapbook of "How to use handcuffs"
--- I'll think of more later! ---


Banned - What an Asshat!
I'd give Descent my crusted, old porn magazines.

I'd give Diznuts my beer collection and a vodka collection.

I'll give Junglizm my trusty Jizz rag, (hes been around for 5 years.)

I'll give Max my CD collection.

And I'll give Cuddles my color changing condoms, she'll use 'em before I do.

I think thats it.
Jason would get my collection of movies, including Adventures in Babysitting. :thumbsup:

"Take it back Brad! Take back what you said about Thor!"
Jeff never was one for pictures.

Well, I'd leave him my collection of pubic hairs that look like celebrities.

Calista Flockhart is my best one.


I'd leave FCC my patience. :thumbsup:
HavokChylde said:
I'd give Taylor_Blade my fifteen year old bottle of scotch.
Sweet. Although, I am now tempted to take you the fuck out! SUCKA! :rofl:

meh_it_all said:
I'd give T my cake recipe and a bag a cookies on the side.
Badass! Meh: The best damn cake maker around! :thumbsup: The badassedness of the cookies, goes without saying. ;)

I'd leave HC: All my alchohol/drugs!
I'd leave FCC: My Rapid Reality Check, and some green leaf stew(it's relaxing). j/k!
I'd leave Meh_it_all: My dog (she's needs one) ;)
I'd leave Awaken: The candy I stole from BWM!
I'd leave Tzedek: My music collection.
I'd leave Descent: My get out of the internets free card!

((This could take all day, so I'll just stop here. If I left you out, GET-OVER-IT!))
hey fucker! you forgot me! thats it your out of my will!
awwww meh, i get your stuffed puppy? aaaawwwwwwwwwwww
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