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S.C.U.M. Presents: Johnny Is Such A Trendsetter

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Johnny Kuntz said:
What can I say? We're trendsetters :thumbsup: :rotflmao:
Sadly, it seems that Kuntz was right when he said that. Do you remember when Johnny started his own forum? And how he posted the link in his signature? I think that you do. We all know that Screw_Ball started his own forum after his Kuntz-ification. Screwy has even begun acting like Johnny in IRC. I have heard from various users that Johnny acts like a rational, sane person one-on-one. Screwy however, acts like an idiot where ever he goes. Screwy will not have the same success as Johnny. Johnny was the first to do such things. He was also the downfall of The Three Stooges. Does Screwy wish to be the downfall of S.C.U.M.? That will nevAr happen. We all know that S.C.U.M. will nevAr fall. Johnny truly is a trendsetter. Why he has 14 year olds aspiring to be like him! This is the truth about Johnny Kuntz. He also has The Three Stooges aspiring to be like him. Four little kids wishing to be a 25 year old world Mikado champion. :thumbsdn:
Not open for further replies.