S.C.U.M. presents : Randomness, At It's Best?

Which one of these guys was the best at "Funny Randomness"?

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Mr. Ee
Ok people, this is a chat log, but all annoying answers have been removed, and all there is just one thing left....

We spent quite a while, just spurting out random, weird phrases. They make very little sense, but there are quite a few that are hilarious. This is not an "I had to be there" kind of thing. It was quite entertaining.

Your goal, (if you have the patience and time) is to read through these, and determine the funniest "randomness-spurter".

[01:57] <Brainwash> I was driving down a road, when a mountain fell onto my house, the little midgets inside oozed out little pink flowers and burst into flames.
[01:58] <Brainwash> My left arm once fell off in the shower.
[01:59] <|HaVoK|> I remember polygons danced lambada with my female parakeet. My toes never suffered dandruff so bad again.
[02:00] <Brainwash> I owned a tambourine once. I ate a fish.
[02:00] <|HaVoK|> Perhaps the bananas shed tears, I don't for I work on Tonka toys while the hail pelts your grandmother.
[02:01] <|HaVoK|> buster/ on second thought could the jungles suspend your tactical advances towards your sister?
[02:02] <buster\> i think youre right that would explain the sizzling sensation in my wallet
[02:02] <Brainwash> my jungle has grown disporportionately against the size of the ever increasing universe, it will soon be devoured by the little people in jason's pants
[02:03] <|HaVoK|> I suppose Monday fish are better, but you must admit lollypops are the rulers of the seven daisies.
[02:04] <Brainwash> I do not identify with the cows that are oozeing out of the purple mass that is my feet, buster seems to have lost his popcorn on the way to subway.
[02:04] <|HaVoK|> The subway is merely the forklift of JC Penny. My bean sprouts carry more potassium than your average penny.
[02:05] <buster\> probable, however i find there is a swollen nickel in my rain coat, it asks if i know the muffinman, 'the muffinman?' i ask, 'yes the muffinman!'
[02:06] <|HaVoK|> The Muffin man toots upon rusty doorknobs. For I am the carrot, and today is my independence day.
[02:07] <Brainwash> the gun under the muffin man's ballsack discharges and perferates his femoral kitten, the kitten wnats to be loved by the pepsi that is on junglizms computer case
[02:08] <|HaVoK|> Toodles, claimed the wicked apron. I have never seen jelly beans produce stamina in such a pertruding manner. Perhaps my jelly was friend on concrete slabs?
[02:08] <Brainwash> I don't supposed that the ramen noodels in your ear are allowing for the fish to swim up the nostril that is your eye.
[02:09] <|HaVoK|> On Sunday, I believe I saw a wicked crater approach my daughter. "I am your daughter" claimed my toadstool. In no way was I aroused.
[02:10] <|HaVoK|> How could you permiate the chicken blade? There is no sunshine in the sky, for I have eaten the penguins.
[02:11] <|HaVoK|> Perhaps the blend of reputation on my icicle carresses the jugalar. I know not, for I am Jewish.
[02:12] <Brainwash> I have seen the world from the butt of a chicken, it was teeming with life not seen before, the colors tickle my soul, as well as the elephant that stands beside me on teh plain of the upper nile as water rolls softly into the mouth of the everpresent chinese liberation front manual
[02:14] <Brainwash> I do not see but a scrolling paper that has suffocated the likes of aardvark and platypus leaving only the dry and barren folds that are buster's cousin hal.
[02:16] <|HaVoK|> Are chickens the humans of the underground? Have we lost temptation towards the eclipse? My elephantitis causes legs to show up on paper. How could the wind tell me my name?
[02:17] <Brainwash> I have one buttan dedicated to the less fortunate little pocket watches that have not seen the seven eyed three toed skink that haunts the halls of wtf.com on a bi montly basis and can onbly be see on the second tuesday of the third week of the 8 month each year.
[02:18] <|HaVoK|> How dare you speak of the pepper! My chocolate has smelted itself to a feverish grape! Only the false pretense will solve this adverb at it's finest. Thank you Broom hilda. Thank you.
[02:19] <Brainwash> And he said that all he smoted will be restored. All that has been uptaken will forever be in the bosom that is a whore of the one eyed one.
[02:19] <|HaVoK|> What has thy vagina produced?!? Ice cream is for the wicked, screams the young turtle. My salvation lie in this rock, excluding the poll, of course.
[02:20] <Brainwash> of course the jackets will not be consumed by the devilish ways. The buttan will own all that has been forsaken by the fruit that is an evil.
[02:21] <|HaVoK|> Latex causes indegestion. Only create the plan on which you rest your condom. My toothless frog has no fear, and will wash underwear with grape juice. Only he knows.
[02:22] <Brainwash> An evening with dan rather turned into a fuckfest as a wounded grouse fell to the ground. Dan was not harmed.
[02:23] <|HaVoK|> Woodreaux, your binoculars cannot stop the end result in which you've imploded. Only my jar full of that will care about my lucky Fridays. I know not in which I cook, but only in which I may deny.
[02:24] <|HaVoK|> buster/ you're fretless banjo isn't slowing my judgement. I know where the sheets go after they've been born. Do not allow this fire to extinguish my shoelaces. I care for them. Deeply.
[02:25] <|HaVoK|> My my woodreaux, is this a purple jackelope? Has your mouth gone gritty from sandy feet? Your mother has one sock, and I believe it's time.
[02:25] <Brainwash> I do not allow for the immediate cessation of hostilites upon the cajuns. The country is doomed by the stroke that is reason for me to believe in the last calling of the paralyzed Steven Hawking.
[02:26] <|HaVoK|> The both of you wash Stephen, for his metaphors caused tommorow. Is only some floor buffer would take your lollipop. Then you'd think twice about that.
[02:26] <|HaVoK|> Ha my stutter only causes gravy!
[02:27] <|HaVoK|> buster/ you're devilish candy has hurt a fruit fly. Does that make your melon fornicate?
[02:28] <Brainwash> I do not fit my fist into an apple that has gone to rot, only to those that know the divine power of the glory of buster that holds his flacid baloon in his mother womb will allow those that stand to writhe with the everlasting pain that suffers all of mankind and cows. HaVoK was not arroused.
[02:29] <|HaVoK|> Indeed. Arousal causes a shower to dissolve. Have you had your cake today?
[02:30] <|HaVoK|> Yo woody.
[02:30] <Woodreaux> Whazzup
[02:30] <|HaVoK|> You're boring this evening.
[02:30] <|HaVoK|> lol
[02:30] <|HaVoK|> I'm sorry, didn't know how else to say that.
[02:31] <|HaVoK|> You should attempt joining in with the charade of platelets. Only our Noxema will eat a fructose lemon.
[02:32] <Brainwash> I cannot suffer the intollerable showers that fall upon my melting asphalt covered roadway, I need a box of cartidged to fill my silver bullet can so that I may behold the unholiness that is Flordia and use its awesome power to obliterate the ones that have for so long defiled the meaning of New Jersey and used it's meaning to sue the makers of the Presidency while BoB dole cannot use his pen. Cows fuck in the background.
[02:32] <buster\> take care as the mild stream of giglobytes embellish sacred demons.
[02:32] <Woodreaux> My mind cannot string together words syntacticly correct but semanticly incorrect
[02:33] <|HaVoK|> Indeed, the demons perhaps cause the French Revolution. Only my compass will allow me to destroy Dell computers. Beware, the celery, it has a dingo.
[02:35] <buster\> step one: underlining your testes can prove hazrdous to one esteem. preventing such atrocities requires a steady glutten any many hoours of only the holiest of tangerines
[02:35] <Brainwash> I cannot see between the slats that divide this world and the next, feeling the purple daisies consume all that will be eaten by the dragon using the toilet in the corner of the ubiquitous stone monolith. Hell spawn has now deficated on woodreaux.
[02:35] <|HaVoK|> Can you see how Jason's Ladder got cocky? He turned on Bart, when all that was left was a jungle gym. My condolences to you fufu berry.
[02:36] <Woodreaux> My dog shat a brand new car. The GigaHertz are leaking everywhere.
[02:36] <|HaVoK|> Woodreaux. Many a mountain have deficated his porcelaine lips. Only the lonely play scrabble.
[02:38] <Woodreaux> Assgoblins run in terror, as the stock exchange masturbates.
[02:38] <|HaVoK|> My precious lambchops are delicious to an ivory elephant. May I view your toggle button? I believe it has Windows 98.
[02:40] <|HaVoK|> a|ien feasts, but only due to tornados. The spoon is an example of a carnivore.
[02:40] <buster\> toggle my button!?, no you certainly may. remember, the key to your locker resides in the deepest of your dreams, only then will you gain the ability to retrieve your bubble-tape
[02:40] <|HaVoK|> My Sunday newspapers, how dare you speak of ripe goats?
[02:41] <turdbusta> I cannot behold the truck that has given the light of eternal carbonation to bubble furiously between the eyes of that potatoe which has asscened into heaven by the hand of he who has felt the squishy crotch of the diciple. Jason has eaten a fly.
[02:42] <|HaVoK|> Only the fly has eaten Jason, your reality is equal to a watermelon. I can't believe I baked bread to please the Amazon.
[02:43] <buster\> precosiously we enter, dimming the falcon as we go. hildalgo was last seen here, on this very spot only five ages ago. greeting the chocolate starfish now would mean certain fate
[02:43] <Woodreaux> Felacio Alphredo is the new enterprise solution to all of your base.
[02:44] <turdbusta> The amazon has passed through that which is wholey into teh grape of the one who ate woody. A woody has eaten Jason.
[02:44] <|HaVoK|> "Precisely", the butterfly claimed. For the monkeys of yesterday could only accept it. I saw my mother grin wickedly, but only at the demise of the toaster. I was aroused.
[02:45] <buster\> jason soon decides a mouth full of splinters is not worth the trouble of pleasing the gods. ...if only there were anothe way
[02:46] <turdbusta> I have reached the end of the internets, and for that I shall celebrate with the topless monkey dancing on teh grave of Jerry Garcia wearing cowboyboots in the style of James Dean's mentor Dr. Frankenstein.
[02:46] <|HaVoK|> And then he left, the water on. He shall be remembered, but only on my peanut butter sandwich. Go with god, said the potato. Go with god indeed.
[02:48] <|HaVoK|> Away with the monkey bean, said my overbaked tulip. I should have see poltergeist, for my mother was a virgin.
[02:48] <turdbusta> Indeed those who beheld the glory of the yam went on to do great things. There was the ear of corn who found the cure for corny poo. The californa raisan who heard it through the grapevine. The interwebnet who hasn't seen teh light of day in over 23 years. And then there was the great Chylde who hasn't seen a penis in over a rainbow.

Hell, ya know what??? All this shit was annoying! But it was funny. And still is now that I've dipped in the forbidden liquor cabinet.


Lost Soul
BWM is one random Mo’Fo! He is my nominee for the randomness award! Crazy people you all are, indeed. :thumbsup:


BC sandwich
i think that buster was the funniest, only because of his taste in food

btw, yesterday while strolling through the permanence. i gander upon three sleeping clovers, only to discover what had once been to the strata had drifted quietly to my shoulder. acting quickly, i saw you slowly wander for the strollers. 'good idea', i thought. what would become of us without them??

how is buster anyway?

I should learn to use the edit buttAn!


Double posting isn't a good idea. That's why God/Jason invented that little edit buttan on each post of yours. ;)


I was just giving you fair warning that if you double post, or post shit on the boards, you will be quickly dispatched by all that is a Moderator.


Well, If you haven't noticed, the forums have both names AND discriptions.

So, posting something in one forum that belongs in another is not a good way to make e-friends, unless you want to end up in the Cock Farm.

Each forum has rules, obey them.

Each forum had Moderators, don't piss them off.

The entire site has Administrators, they run the show, so insulting them isn't exactly wise.

Gehtfuct is scary, stay away, or geht eaten.


brainwashmonkey said:
unless you want to end up in the Cock Farm.
Somehow, I can see this in his future. I guess my psychic powers are acting up again.


BC sandwich
yes, i wanted to talk about why vetran posters are arrogant.
whose insulting who? <insult>when theres no more internet youll have nothing<insult>


imperialnuts said:
yes, i wanted to talk about why vetran posters are arrogant.
Not really, newbs are just annoying and retarded.
whose insulting who?
I didn't see anyone insulting anyone. Maybe it's time for a trip to Eye Masters.
<insult>when theres no more internet youll have nothing<insult>
If you're going to post pseudo HTML tags, at least close them properly. </blah>


Well,for some reason I smell a random thread jacking coming on. It smells of ass.

As for the Spandex Award for the random king,it's too damn close to call at this point. What were you two monkeys wearing during the battle of wits? Maybe that'll help sway my voting.

...and don't gimme that, "We were only wearing butt grease", HEH! That's a no-brainer.


The Iron Lung
Havok hands down....however he pales in comparrison to the master

me two nights ago....high off my ass

*abruptly stands up and points menacingly at my neighbor*

"DUDE!.....If I'm poplockin.....and I throw it.....and you dont CATCH IT!?!?"

or the ever popular

*blows out a huge rip*

"Damn dude......its liked I smoked a whole baby."

I realize its juvenile...we just havent had any high humor in a while