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S.C.U.M. Presents: WTFPD or "Just Another Story for Today"

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The halls are no longer shaking. The staff sits in the corner, unused, gathering dust and cobwebs. Everyone is oogling at the new tapestry on the walls. Red Rage the boss calls it. Junglizm sees it for what it is. Murder.

His day starts with the dull monotony that is life. He wakes up, rolls out of bed, and places the covers back onto his sleeping bed partner; then, slips into the shower. He’s having a hard time remembering what happened last night. His head hurts, his stomach is doing back flips, and yet that’s all second in his mind; just an annoyance, keeping him from the task at hand. The water rolls down his face: cool, clean, crisp.

“It’s go time,” he tells himself as he turns off the shower.

As he steps into the bedroom, he feels uneasy. He’s felt this before. That strange tingle, that strange sensation to sniff the air, that little feeling that makes him reach for the .45 on the dresser. He glances at her: still asleep. He tiptoes to the hallway door. He leans up against it, ear pressed to the warm oak. He slowly, deliberately, cocks the hammer on his only friend since that fateful night, the only one he can depend upon now. Why didn’t he hear the door? He lifts the door as he opens it, the hinge creaks if you don’t lift it. He peeks his head out into the deserted hallway. He sniffs the air again. He asks himself why. He doesn’t know. He eases the door back shut. False alarm he tells himself. He eases the hammer down, places the gun back on the dresser, and continues his morning routine.

“Paranoid,” he mumbles to himself.

Jung had laid out his clothes for the day before he went out last night. They were still there: hanging limply over the back of the desk chair. He gets dressed, and goes to kiss her goodbye. He presses his lips to her cheek.

“Goodbye,” he whispers.

He holsters his gun as he walks out into the hallway.

When he pulls into the station he notices that there are more cars than normal. The parking lot is full. He doesn’t care though, as long as his reserved spot isn’t taken. It’s not. He comes to a stop, gets out, straightens his jacket a bit, and heads inside.

The buzz is amazing; he’s not seen this much action since that string of murders last spring. He chuckles as he remembers what a giant clusterfuck that was. The rookie officers would literally bump into one another as they went hurriedly about their specific tasks. They got the bastard though. Well, Junglizm got the bastard: the judge let him go. “Excessive Use of Force,” the judge said right before the gavel pounded. The guys arm would heal, but his face sure wouldn’t. Again, Jung chuckles.

That damned inbox on the desk literally overflows with papers. Jung picks up the pile and puts it in his outbox. No time. He reaches into his desk drawer and gets the only thing he’s here for: his Zippo.

Back in his car, Jung is on the trail again. He’s going to find the clues. He’s going to put them together. He’s going to win. That’s just the way it is. The clues lead him to the offices of a locally renowned philanthropist. He’s going for bear today.

He flashes his badge as he walks through security. They just nod. He’s been here before. He knows his way around. Straight to the CEO’s office is where he’s heading.

“Hi Jessica,” he spits at the secretary.

Before she can respond, he’s throwing the doors of the office open. Big entrances. He likes big entrances; he catches them off guard. The CEO sits: back facing him, looking out onto the rest of the city. An eerie red glow is washing the streets as the sun slowly drops into the horizon.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

Too calm, Jung tells himself, too together.

“You know why I’m here don’t you?”

“Of course.”


“You already know the answer.”

“You can’t keep doing this.”

“I know.”

“Well, I have no choice now.”

“I know.”

As Jung reaches under his sport coat for his handcuffs, the man swivels calmly around in his chair and looks Jung straight into the eye.

“I had to. If I didn’t they’d still be running around, with their lawlessness, thinking they are above authority. You were powerless. I COULD STOP THEM. I COULD DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM. I WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE!”

By the end the CEO was yelling, his eyes afire with rage.

“You said they?”

The CEO chuckles, “Perhaps you should’ve called in sick today.”

“No,” Junglizm gasps breathlessly.

“She had to die. She was part of him. They were lovers.”

“NO,” Jung says again, with more authority.

“I knew you wouldn’t see it. I knew you wouldn’t believe. So I took the liberty of having surveillance put on her. Perhaps you would like to have a looky loo?”

The CEO moves over to his entertainment center, and presses play on the VCR. A fuzzy camera image pops up. It comes into focus in a couple of seconds as the operator adjusts for the dim light. An image of a shapely woman and a dumpy looking man come into view. They embrace… and embrace… and embrace…

Jung can’t believe his eyes. His love, his woman, his only.

“You see? I told you, yet you wouldn’t believe.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, it’s over now.”

“I, my dear friend, will have to politely disagree.”

“No, DON’T,” Junglizm screams as the CEO reaches for his gun.

Junglizm’s gun is smoking, the CEO’s lying on the floor.

“I knew you were faster. I knew you could do it. The lives of Descent and Kitana were worth the life of this wrinkly old bastard.”

“But… but… Dad,” Junglizm can barely whisper the last word as his father squeezes his hand and slips away.

Just then, Jessica bursts into the room, “Mr. JASON!”

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