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Music S.o.a.d [system of a down]

Dave666 said:
Has anyone heard that new system of a down song byob. I'm gettin the new cd tonight. It's pretty good imo.
I wanna get the CD, and yes I have heard the song, the song IMO isn't that good, I'm just hoping its not the highlight of their new cd.
After listening all I can say at first is, well that was different. It's very good. It sounds to me alot different than their older albums. Most of the songs are a mix of slow and fast rapidly switching between the two, instead of being one set pace, but that is semi-typical to them. Well thats not a very good review but I suck at this.
Songs listed based on my opinion of them.
Best: Violent Pornography
Old School Hollywood
Lost In Hollywood
Sad Statue
Worst: This Cocaine makes me feel like I'm on this song

The whole CD is good and worth the money.

Thanks to my bro for letting me listen to the CD before he got to even though he bought it.


Just got home from buying it. Walked about 6 miles bearfoot to get there, then my friends pussied out on the way back and we called a ride. I wasn't the only bearfoot one, you see. fish_sticks got kicked out of Best Buy, and I had to borrow shoes from one of my friends. Then they yelled at us for swearing in front of the store and chased us away. Ah, the fun we had... I'm we're just on Cigaro, (even though I've heard it hundrends of times, it still sounds cool again...) and... Wow. Let me finish jerking off on the cover, and I'll get back to you guys.

EDIT: There, all listened to...

Genius. Geniusgeniusgeniusgeniusgenius. System of a Down have done it again, fooling me into worrying about an album, then prove to me yet again that they are some of the most talented musicians out there today. Now, their music has changed a lot. I mean a lot. From their 1998 self-titled debut album, a lo-fi, angsty, dark album, to their 2001 release Toxicity, which had a more user-friendly sound, a very mainstream approach. Then in 2003, they released the VERY underappreciated Steal This Album!, which was a collection of remastered and re-recorded leaked outtakes from the Toxicity sessions, and was just outright insane. The songs were really bizzare (for System) and so different from each other that it's no wonder they almost ended up in some dusty vault at Rick Rubin's place. Steal This Album! is my favourite, actually. I'd advise you all to pick it up, though it may not be the best place to start for those of you who've never heard them.

Now, Mezmerise. As I said before, I'm ever so pleasantly surprised. Though I have to say it lacks the aggresivity and pizzaz that made their other albums so good, that anger that was evidently very true, it just isn't there as much as I'm used to. BUT! This album is A LOT more melodic. Sure, as a new-metal (though it's been debated that they should be called new-metal at all) band, they've always been pretty melodic, but this time their music is a lot (calmer?) and I have to admit I like the change. I hate it when fans bitch when a band changes their sound or style, even if it's only a bit, like the band owes them something. Bullshit. As a musician myself, I know for a fact that music is made only for the musician himslef. Sure, you want people to hear it, but you're the one that creates it. I mean, if you don't like how it sounds, are you really gonna show it to people? Are you gonna perform it? I hear a lot of bands say that their music is for the fans. Again, bullshit. The only people who truly believe that,that their music is for their fans, and all their energy went into making an album that would please their fans clearly don't like their music. Sure, my band isn't the best band out there. We're not the most talented musicians. But we love what we do. We put hours and hours just writing and practicing just so we could sound as good as WE want to be.

Anyways, the album is amazing. I'd have to say the high points are "Radio/Video" and "Lost In Hollywood". Now, by high points, I mean the songs that I could jerk off to just at the though of them. And the low point to me, which is still stupendoulsy high (God I love that word), and is not "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song". Why does no one like that song? Crickets. No, it's actually "Old School Hollywood" Synthesisers and vocal synth just irk the hell out of me. But it's still a great song.

In summation, buy it.


System of a Down

i haven't really been following them lately.

i scored the 1st part of their double album called mesmerize. for some reason they have collaborated with a rap artist, and that (hed) guy. it's a pretty tight album, but it gets boring after repeated listenings.



i bought this album yesterday, and i love it. steal this album was not good, and this album makes up for it. SYSTEM OF A DOWN KICKS ASS! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Bringer of Bees
dookie said:
i haven't really been following them lately.

i scored the 1st part of their double album called mesmerize. for some reason they have collaborated with a rap artist, and that (hed) guy. it's a pretty tight album, but it gets boring after repeated listenings.

soad is the shit.. ive been waitng for the double album for awhile.


sometimes i just wanna rage against the system of a down.

if in someway you interpret this as a threat against someone with down syndrome you are very much mistaken.