S.P.U.N.K Presents: Awaken And screw_ball's Star Wars-Themed Gay Wedding (pt. 1)

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Well, we did it. It was going to be next Wenesday since I couldn't find the right cake... But it was just too much pressure. You see, me and Awaken were in Reno, Nevada planning our honeymoon when we came across the Candlelight Wedding Chapel.


When we saw it we were mesmerised. It only cost 50$ and we could set it up the next day. See, we're not that rich. We were going to get married in Utah (we wanted to do this as legally as possible) and stay at Awaken's parents' house. We can't even afford a motel because the IRS are getting a little too nosy and Awaken stopped receiving his diability checks. He has thyroid disease. Anyway, we saw the chapel and immediately called my parents and told them to spread the word. We were getting married in Reno.

Our idea from the start was to have the wedding Star Wars themed. We both love Star Wars, and we both love each other... So we decided to kill two birds with one stone. So everyone flew down the next day... And here's what happened.


Now this is Awaken in all his glory ;). This was at the dinner ehearsal at 9:00 AM. He chose that costume because Darth Vader is his favourite character. He used to masturbate to Empire Strikes Back by inserting a Darh Vader figurine in his anus while jerking off to the battle between Vader and Luke.


That's me in the Jawa costume. On the left is Awaken and I's man-slave, and on the right is my brother Rico. Rico and I used to touch our next door neihbour's daughter who looked like Princess Leia when we were 7 years old.


That's all us guys. I'm sure you can find me and Awaken and my brothers, so the rest are his brothers.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'll be back son with Part 2, where you'll get to see exclusive pics of our honeymoon!


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someone wanting to be like S.C.U.M who cant be sounds like a better description
You are from the mental hospitals for guys with no penises is the right description.


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Dokken never rocked very hard anyways :thumbsdn:

This could have been funnier with just descriptions and no pics...but maybe its funny if you're a Star Wars geek...I dont know.

S.U.C.K + S.P.E.D = Some shit that they'll never be able to live down :thumbsdn:
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