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Saint Patrick's Day ...


Yeah, the whole Watneys Red Barrel/Guinness argument becomes irrelevant when you're sipping a Glenmorangie Cask 13 and smoking a really good cigar.


Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
More than a couple people were seriously pissy because we didn't have any corned beef. We ran out early last evening and didn't get any today. C'mon people, you've had nine (9) days to buy dirt cheap corned beef. Why are you waiting until today to buy it? You should already be prepared to have it slow-cooking in the oven or crock pot by now. You wanna be Irish? There's a liquor store across the parking lot. Buy a bottle of Irish whiskey and drink the rest of the day away..

Me? I'm set. I'm not celebrating a worthless occasion but today is the last day of my workweek and I have two days off. (In A Row!) I have a case of Bell's Two Hearted Ale 'pounders' and a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch.

And I got my corned beef and small head of cabbage yesterday. I was going to buy it after work on Friday but I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. Still got a point cut at $1.69/lb.

Aaand it's in the crock pot. With extra garlic.