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Chaotic Neutral

tell me what is up with all the crap going on right now on our planet; devastative bombing, fanatical guerrilla aka. terrorism; propaghanda and the rising of radical conservatism and neo fascism;allowing and promoting huge contracts on defense, miltary research, wars... but like the Ying and the Yang...You gotta have balance..If you buy alot of weapons you gotta use them, wich means you are gonna kill people. The war industry is tied with the government and it's always been that way. Spending on war is aggressive investment.

That's what wars are for. Good ol UnitedStates. I'm sorry people but the two party system holds us by the balls and we can't do shit about it, even though voting gives us the impression we can change something.It doesn't, "democratic" right-wing fascism is protected by the constitution and yes I'm implying the constitution is not so perfect. more than 70% of the world would vote against Bush in international elections. I know kerry is not a very good option either and that's the whole point, the system sucks.

On top of it, we - as a world society - are responsible for the extermination of a shitload of animal speacies, and for endangering innocent animals like tigers, elephants, eagles, frogs and whales; pollution of the air, the water and the land; like it's not bad enough that we kill eachother? what the fuck...


Seeker of Truth
Rage against said:

tell me what is up with all the crap going on right now on our planet; what the fuck...

Yes, the world is a fucked up place, no doubt. Most people lack confidence, and that makes them seek power, and power hungry people are capricious, destructive, dangerous and stupid.

However, you may not be seeing some of the really good, kind amazing things that happen every day.

Take your energy, chose a cause, and work towards positive change. One person can change the world...