Headlines Scenario: Frenchmen taken hostage by CIA agents?



It is astonishing to see, that terrorists would be so stupid to kidnap two French journalists for a trivial thing as a law on headscarfs in France.

It really would profit the war effort of Bush, if the French would be drawin in the Iraqi conflict. This kidnapping is too welcome for Bush to be true!

There is a very good chance that Al Qaeda terrorists are playing a double agent roll. They wordk both for the CIA, and they stir up the soup in Iraq.
Both warmongering parties in that conflict win by the fact, that the situation over there is still not under control.

Bush because it gives him a good profile as a strong president :soldier: , and the muslim fundamentalists because they have the Americans where they wanted them.. In their own back yard. :bonk:

It gives a lot of power if you ride with the devil,
but you have to pay a high price! :slook: