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SChleep me nw

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Resident Conservative
someone needs to pick up after themselves.. it seems that someone forgot to put TOOL back in the tool shed..


_ потерял душу _
IDoMyBest said:
NIght all yu nbs gg kekek

Good night friend......

sweet dreams, make sure mama puts that plastic cover over your top bunk so she doesent have more to wash in the morning besides your jump suit... :thumbsup:

Hey if you ride the lift off the short buss instead of falling off the steps it might give you more time to calm you won't be so excited about posting....give yourself some time with the keyboard.... :D


Banned - What an Asshat!
hmmm me tme wt kybrd.. i r n lovv affo afffo nrd s ar for me! affo affo nt... y wnt m pts gret lng pts nw?
y dat heta me all cose i tpe.. lot angeries i i i ii i ii eer... pom bv me nly sulutiun....
mra poms cafste affo money monky monk mon mo m... pom by me... tht int it gd lng pst nwm? kk okke gss yio al me wnt band cpse i no god enlis! nt nce to forignors, tout i r englis...
Not open for further replies.