School Gives Transvestites Own Restroom


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BANGKOK, Thailand - Snubbed by both men and women, transvestite students at the Chiang Mai Technology School just wanted a restroom to call their own — and were granted their wish.

Dubbed the Pink Lotus Bathroom, the facility is exclusively for the school's 15 transvestite students and features four stalls, but no urinals. On the door hangs a sign with intertwined male and female symbols.

"They would come in the morning and use the women's bathrooms, but the women were annoyed, didn't like it or played pranks on them," said Posaporn Promprakai, registrar of the school in Chiang Mai province, about 360 miles north of Bangkok.

The transvestites — who must wear male attire at school but are allowed to sport girlie hairdos — switched to the men's bathrooms, only to run into more trouble.

"The men teased them, chased them, and they came screaming and in tears again," Posaporn told The Associated Press.

So Posaporn designated a lavatory just for them, telling the vocational school's 1,500 students to just use their own restrooms.



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I had no idea there were so many Thai Transvestites. 15 in a school of 1500? Thats 1%. I don't even think the percentage is that high in lower manhattan.

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Man that is weird. But calling it werid would be bad so dont do it. Sorry had to say that but of well. I did not know there were so many trans in Tailan wow that a lot of people to have a medical deformidy. :confused: