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School of Ebonics!


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Oppressing your posts...
ebonics is the result of all the hard work and effort that has been put into sounding and acting like a total retard. thats just my fitty cent...yo


The Iron Lung
Hard work is hard work....i say if it made it this far...let it go un checked. Nobody is forcing anyone to speak like that.
(unless you want to get into a discussion about the effects of pop culture and mass media on the easily influenced minds of our youth...but i dont think you want that...nah ***** dont want that.).

I think its in the same vein as regional diction....are you going to start harping on southern people for saying "y'all" or New Englanders for dropping the R's?


Oppressing your posts...
on the other hand sometimes i walk around speaking ebonics as a social experiment.. getting looks from a group of black guys as i walk to some of my friends and yell "yo what up my crackazz!"...

I only really have two major complaints to the matter..
1. the incessant use of the nig word.. I'm not allowed to say it cause its a word of hate and disrespect against the black culter and supportive of the klan or some crap like that but p-diddy can say it to snoop dog cause its like calling him his homey.. fuck that... words cannot have a double meaning cause of the color of your skin. shit still means shit no matter what..
2. a person who says "yall" or doesnt pronounce an R is still speaking clear english. in ebonics your changing so much that you dont even sound like your speaking english sometimes.. most employers i know dont want to hire anyone who comes struttin in and says 'yo what up B. ya know if yall hire me B i'll be keepin it real out there ya know. word leme tell you, I be like the shiznit at this kind o job..' If i was an employer I wouldn't know weather to turn him to the door or get an exorcist..


Member smoked too much weed!
Here's the first test qeustion:

yo moms gived ya 4 dead prez's to go buy some greens and chitlans from the corner stand. You brother is giving you a ride on the handlebars of your Pa's work car. You drop and break your Crack pipe. You have to pass the swap meet on the way to the corner stand.

How do you get a new Pipe and all the things on your moms list, if greens are 50 cent and chitlans are 187 Don't forget taxes

Cheapest crackpipe is $3.75


Critical Update Notification Tool.
pull out a peice and threaten to 'bust a cap' in the store owner(s) asses, there you save everything.


*BRoken edit*

Nope cops are all over the swapmeet. You have to make it home with the greens.