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School sucks

#1 this epic tale of a typical teenager in junior year begins at 6:30 A.M.

I woke up from a horrible on-off sleep to my mom telling me to wake up...hallucinated she was a monster when she tried to shake me to get me up. Got to driving school before actual school, took a driving test around town and got a shitty grade because I "ran a red light" when I was in the middle of the intersection and it had just then changed yellow.
From there school started, I was completely preoccupied by this chemistry test which I was certain I was not ready for. I had a migraine all throughout my first period, and the AC for our school wasn't working today. Had to get some extra strength tylenol. Forgot my homework for history class, got bitched at and have to do the other 22 pages of outlining tonight.
Went to art, goofed off. Lunch time hit, and I went to go study for my test, nervous to freakin death since school has practically just started and I want to make honor roll cause if i didnt my parents said they would make me pay the insurance difference. migraine came back because i was so damn anxious
Lunch is over, one of my friends kicked me in the nuts thinking it was funny. i get to nuts still hurt and i forgot my english paper...its still sitting in the printer tray at home. Now I have an F in a 60% portion of my grade. Got to my chem test. Did OK on the scantron part, then it got to the written conversions section and I had a massive brainfart and flunked it. Now my grades are completely fucked over. Got to programming and couldn't remember how to do anything, my teacher thinks im a dumbass now. While driving home I drove pretty much like a jackass, wanting to get home...pretty sure I scared a lot of people. Anyway...just bitching like everyone else does, yell at me if u want and tell me im stupid, i just feel like bitching today.:rolleyes:

lady victoria

Too old for this shit!
Live in the knowledge that tomorrow can only be better, we all have days like that, you are not alone, you just have to get through it with the least amount of damage possible. :)


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That, and things are much worse for other people in your school. I have my driver's liscense and everything, but I cant drive, becuase I have no car. That is torture. Plus Im a senior. Kinda disgraceful.


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dodo_u_rock said:
skl is shit any way, just don't go much more fun :)
lik no shit, skl is bed four yu. i stupid gawing t skl n lookit me nao!
I think I'll use your response from the PMS thread to sum up how I feel about kids bitching about school:

angrywelshman said:
look, i understand that pms and all that must be excruciatingly painful but its time now to stop complaining,......:blahblah: :blahblah:....... anywho...stop complaining, i hear it all the time, its gotten old.
Just replace PMS with School, and painful with boring/stupid/difficult/whatever.



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danm, we all have days like that though, especially in school, because well, school sucks (thus the title of the thread :D ) . But tommorow is another day, however... i might wear a baseball cup the next day if i were you, just incase ;) .
Just keep your head together ... just cause you're flunking the first 2 weeks of school doesn't by any means mean that you can't bring your grades up to the honor roll grades you want. Write shit down, if you print something - go get it and put it in your bag, study before the day of the test ... and like I said .. just keep your head together. You'll be fine.
Sounds like a shitty day but you'll get your grades back on track and you can explain what happened to your teacher and get a re-take. :thumbsup:
Yea, shit happens. You seem like a person that can get back on your feet pretty quickly, you'll be fine. Just don't stress over anything too much, it'll only make it worse.
As I have said before. Just wait till you get out of school and the real world gets ahold of you. Then you will learn what it truly is to have a day, week, month, year etc... that sucks. :thumbsdn:
yea, im sure life outta school will be a lot harder. i dont doubt that a bit.
but uh yeah...thanks for that support there guys :)
Sorry if I am sounding abrasive and all. I was just comming off a day where if we had failed a test someone could have gotten seriously hurt. So with that said kid don't take life so seriously... no one here is going to get out of it alive.