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School Sucks

The Enlightener

School is so boring,Iim in business classes and we don't do shit so here I am. Schools should let all students leave if they don't have classes because this is a waste of a day sit in study halls all day and do nothing. The thing is though I'm not just a stupid stoner I am actualy pretty smart 3.8 if you were woundering but its not really being smart just being diciplined. Also I have a question to all people who may have herd of the ASVAB test. This is a military placement test that all 11th grade students have to take. I got a perfect score on it and the Military sends me shit everyday what should i do?


The Iron Lung
Tell them you're done with your education because you're Enlightened.

Oh and I graduated highschool early with a 4.1 and I've smoked pretty much all through and high school and a year and a half into college. Being a stoner doesnt mean anything.


No Loafing
Perhaps ask them for extra work if you get that bored. Now about the military sending you stuff everyday, I don't know what to tell you about that. I guess just deal with it, it'll have to stop eventually.


Flame Bait
Fuck the military i find it pointless yes u might have some greater advantages butthey just use u to go and fight their battles whether or not u agree with them. i mean hell would u go fight a person because they have more money then u or just cause u can beat em up