Selfish customers


Ok... so we usually have two people answering phones during the day due to low call volume, but... occasionally we can get a rush. Today one such occasion happened, so we have to apologize to the customer, put them on hold, and put the new call on hold. Fine... no problem

Well today we got a guy (and this unfortunately is not uncommon) who I pick up and ask if he can please hold. His reply is "No". Naturally, it isnt his choice, so I put him on hold anyway. He calls back, I ask if he can please hold, to which he says "uhh... only for like 2 seconds, make it quick!". I then say "I can't guarantee that sir", to which he replies "fine I guess my business isnt important to you" and hangs up.

So let me get this straight... I'm supposed to drop 4 other PAYING customers who are waiting patiently so this JACKASS can get his shit done in a hurry. No thanks. Good ridance to losing his business.


The Stranger Returns...
exactly...u don't want to lose paying customers for a jackass with a question


Zee Deveel
i hate people

that's lame... i hate customers.

in one job that i had, the customers kind of treated my co-workers & i like we were a day care. they'd tell their kids to "go play with the employees". this was a card/stationary/gifty type store. so it's not like it was a toy store or anything. and they'd just let their kids run WILD! it was so crazy...

once, somebody's unattended child was ripping up the wrapping paper on one of our displays. and i was like "somebody's unattended child is ripping up the display." *no answer* so then i shouted "SOMEBODY'S UNATTENDED CHILD IS RIPPING UP THE DISPLAY!!!" ... this woman rushes over and finally scolds the child & doesn't offer to pay for the damages. so i charged her $6.50 (the cost of the paper) for being annoying. victory was mine. :sword:


Fresh Meat
How long do you think ?!

I used to work for a bank as a switchboard operator, answering and directing all incoming calls. I would constantly be faced with the following;

Me: Thank you for calling XYZ Bank. How may I direct your call ?
Customer: I'd like to speak to Sue Davis
Me: That line is busy would you please hold (this was before we had voice mail at the bank)
Customer: How long will she be on the phone ?

WTF ? How the hell should I know how long she'll be talking ? Am I on the phone with her ? Am I sitting in her lap ? Do I secretly monitor calls to try and determine if she is wrapping up her call ?

One lady was really bitchy and said "Well, how long do you THINK she'll be on the phone ?" My response 'Two hours and twenty minutes, at the least'.

"Oh,' she replied,"I'll call back later."

Doofus !


I have to deal with stupid people all day long too. They ask the same fucking questions all the time how do I use this computer whats my long on name, and the one that kills me whats my pass word( how the fuck should I know its your passsword). It is the same stupid people all the time one guy asked me every day for three weeks what his password is, what the fuck is your problem I am not the one who controls your pass word I sit here and make sure you sing a paper to use the fucking computer I am not a mind reader you stupid fuck. In this day and age why is there any reason for some one to not know how to use a computer I mean fuck what is wrong with you you fucking idiots their is this 85 year old woman who can use a computer and a 20 year old college student has to ask how do I turn this thing on. My responce you dont you go home and slit your fuckign throat you ignorant fuck die die die and when you get to hell ask the dark lord how to use a fucking computer and he will shove blazing firy pineapples up you ass for being stupid