Headlines Senate Won't Boost VA Hospital Spending


The right is wrong
Republicans on Tuesday beat back a Democratic attempt to provide almost $2 billion in additional health care funding for veterans, rejecting claims that Veterans Affairs hospitals are in crisis.The proposal was part of an $80.6 billion emergency spending bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other costs. The bill would give President Bush slightly less than the $82 billion he sought. It is also less than the $81.4 billion approved by the House.

The first debate came Tuesday over a proposal by Sen. Patty Murray (news, bio, voting record), D-Wash., to provide an additional $1.98 billion for veteran's care. She said VA hospitals are underfunded and overcrowded.

"There's a train wreck coming," Murray warned.

Republicans denied the VA had such serious problems. They noted the Bush administration said the additional funding wasn't needed and that it had enough money to cope with emergencies.

Murray's proposal was defeated in a 54-46 vote, mostly along party lines.

Go to Sen. Patty Murray's website at www.murray.senate.gov to share your stories about Veteran issues.

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I cannot under stand how any republican can say that they not democrats support the troops. Stop spending your money on car stickers that say you support the troops and get on the phone to your congressperson and really support the troops!


The Iron Lung
This is the same type of shit that happened in Nazi germany....the economic focus was shifted onto the military and most domestic issues took a back seat. Welcome.


Resident Conservative
I think they (R & D) are wrong... Republicans are wrong because VA hospitals aren't in a crisis, they are a crisis.... I don't know if any of you have ever been to one with a loved one... but they are the bottom of the barrel.... fuck I couldn't understand a single thing any of the doctors said there ... each doctor seems to come up with a different diagnosis.... they are more depressing than regular hospitals and seem very run down... so they could use more money... or maybe someone that spent the money they had more wisely...

Democrats are wrong... well maybe they are.. I haven't researched thier bill to find out where under the VA umbrella the money would go.... but a common theme for Dems seems to be... all it needs is more money... my opinion is that the money would prolly just go to make a more expensive equally bad healthcare experience....