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Seriously why do people have to pay 2 wipe their ass!?


Fresh Meat
Forget the toilet paper rant. What about these damn smartphones cuz they are not smart they are stupid as fuck! You voice text something and it puts something completely different. It's so annoying especially once you send the message to someone like your boss or your parents or something and it says something a way out of line when you did not say that to begin with. Who else wants to smash their phones and repeatedly run them over? Definitely me I have gone through a thousand phones or at least it seems like it because of such crap! They should just called on stupid phones instead of smartphones or average intelligence phones. You say something it should text what you tell it right? Like when you say what is the price of gas right now into your phone, and it comes back as putting something like what's a good piece of ass and how or something way off like Grand mommy sexy ass show! How dumb pisses me off!!


How am I still alive
Hey! Did ya know you can type messages too!? Yeah, it’s true! They’ve got these nifty keyboards that you can use to type in messages. I’ve never understood the appeal of speech to text, it’s like typing with extra steps.

Also helps if you don’t sound like this:

Ps. Work on your anger management, braking phones because they can’t understand your jankyass different accent isn’t their fault. You’ll be the one to perish in the first wave when the skynet comes online.
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